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Postby gbnz » 23 Nov 2018, 7:47pm

Ordered a computer mount.

A few positives;

1. P & P on orders over £10.00 in value (My order was £10.39)
2. I provided feedback about some dodgy spelling on their online site and to my surprise got a £10.00 voucher for doing so
3. Emails were answered in respect to an ultra low value purchase
4. Had to return the product, P & P was FOC using a printed label
5. Refund of my £10.39 was within 3 working days of probable receipt of my returned item; I'd forgotten to include the returns paperwork, however I was assured a refund would be made and it was, quickly & efficiently

A negative;

1. The product description on the website was incorrect, the computer mount being incompatible with the computer models stated