Owens Cycles Petersfield

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Owens Cycles Petersfield

Postby Witterings » 5 Jan 2019, 3:39pm

LBS's are struggling generally but I've had brilliant service from Owens Cycles in Petersfield and though it was worth giving them a mention but also creating a thread where people could post an LBS near them they've found to be particularly good.

I bought a bike from them about 6 weeks ago, you go down and they give you a measure / fit before you buy the bike to make sure they order in the right size which if you don't go ahead is £30 but free if you buy a bike off them.
They asked if I'd like different tyres to what came with the bike and fitted Panaracer Gravel King SK's along with setting the bike up and changing the stem.

I felt like I was too far forward over the pedals and compared it to my 29er and found there was quite a difference, I took both bikes they
re-measured and compared it to my MTB and agreed the seat could go back so has given me a lay back seat post as well as the old one in case I don't like the new position and wanted to revert.
He felt he also wanted to give me a riser stem as well but he'd only make one significant change at a time and said to go and try it for a couple of weeks and then go back and they'd swap the stem as well if the new saddle position like it was right.

Seriously what a brilliant place, highly professional and with excellent customer service above and beyond ... if anyone's UK based and is thinking of buying a bike and isn't miles away it's Owens Cycles in Petersfield I'd highly recommend them and think they have a branch in Four Marks as well.

Have you had a similar experience at your local LBS if so please do feel free to name them and share the experience you had. [ Start a new topic please : Graham ]

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Re: Owens Cycles Petersfield

Postby maxglide » 22 Jan 2019, 11:45am

Owens Cycles Four Marks: Helpful, friendly, good service.