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"Millets" reviews

Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 12:26pm
by gbnz
With the exception of 1-2 cycling related reviews on the ctc forum, I'm not in the practice of making a contribution to retailers/goods reviews, tending to presume that most such reviews are of dubious value. But given that forum users may review products at Millets!

Having bought walking boots from a certain manufacture, stocked by Millets, only lasted 6-7months prior to the soles being worn out, thought I'd submit a review. Quite honestly, it wasn't as an irate, hacked off purchaser or anybody of that bent (NB. I'm being deadly honest in stating this).

It was purely an honest review, stating the boots were fantastic in almost every respect, with the exception of the soles, which were made of such a soft material and a unique, "internal" suspension system consisting of "holes" in the sole, that once the soles were worn through to the "suspension holes", the walking boots were effectively scrap. My first pair lasted July '18 ' Jan '19, the second Feb '19 - Oct '19, the third Feb '20 - July '20

The fact that my customer review wasn't authorised for submission, rather confirms my view that reviews of manufacturers / suppliers websites are worthless


Re: "Millets" reviews

Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 2:28pm
by rotavator
Go on, tell us the brand and model of boot then we can avoid it.

Incidentally I bought a pair of Keen boots that were very comfy if a bit too soft soled for serious hill walking and they started to leak just after the one year warranty expired so I will not be buying Keen boots again.

Re: "Millets" reviews

Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 3:34pm
by simonineaston
Hmmm... the world of walking footwear is on shifting sands. Take Brasher as an example. The country of manufacture seems to have rotated gently eastwards as the years go by. Boots made decades ago were made of high quality materials, well-made and lasted donks - I still have a pair of original Supalite walking boots which were beautifully made, albeit using modern, mainly glued construction and have lasted ages - hundreds of walking miles inspite of being made from very fine / thin leather. The plastic sole in particular is literally only mm's in thickness, glued onto a foam footbed. Their latest products are Chinese-made and seem to be no different to any other mass-made inexpensive walking boots. Luckily, I'm very light on footwear.

Re: "Millets" reviews

Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 7:07pm
by gbnz
rotavator wrote:Go on, tell us the brand and model of boot then we can avoid it. .

They were only various Hi Tec models, £50.00-£70.00, lightweight summer, leather, suede, fabric boots. Good enoiugh to walk up Scafell and such light weight mountains, but not real boots! They all suffered from the same "sole" fault, the sole developing into a 1-2mm layer of plastic once the "suspension" system had worn through

Re: "Millets" reviews

Posted: 23 Jul 2020, 7:11pm
by gbnz
simonineaston wrote: The country of manufacture seems to have rotated gently eastwards as the years go by. .

True. My 35 year Karrimor backpack still has another 30+ years use in it. As does my fathers 1960's Blacks/Millets sleeping bag!

Though to be put it into perspective, my original Karrimor backpack cost in the region of 1/290th of the cost of my first house. It would now cost 1/4166th!