Humpert alloy handlebars

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Humpert alloy handlebars

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I built up a bike, fitting Humpert Town alloy handlebars on or around the 04 May 2014

On or around the 24 August 2019, the handlebars failed, bending in two. There'd been no indication that they might fail, nor any heavy use. From August 2014 the bike in question hadn't been used for intensive daily commuting, nor any lengthy, or extraordinary tours (NB. 100-150 mileage weekly, an occasional 100 mile day ride and only 3-4 long weekend "tours"). At the point of failure, I'd reached the mid point of a ride, absolutely flat, no "pulling"on the bars, a two mile stretch in which I've always dawdled, due to eating, mid ride point and the views!

Without warning, the handlebar on one side of the stem bent in two. No injuries and nothing more than a loud blast on the horn from the only vehicle on the road.

(NB. I've replaced it with a Humpert steel handlebar!)
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Re: Humpert alloy handlebars

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Interesting, always thought they were a quality company.

Are steel handlebars hard to get hold of these days? - had the idea they were considered passe.

I do have two I took off a pair of old hybrids - god they are heavy, but I assume far less susceptible to fatigue?
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