Halfords Penzance

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Halfords Penzance

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After fitting new shifters and brake levers, I could not get the front dr indexed properly. Took the bike up the road to Halfords, which was weirdly empty, with only five or six bikes on sale. Young mechanic put my bike up on the stand, fixed the front, checked the rear and gently pointed out that I’d attached the cable the wrong side of the bolt. No charge. Thank you very much, Halfords mechanic in Pz.
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Re: Halfords Penzance

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Ah, yes, I’ve been to Halfords Penzance. Found them not very helpful. I broke a spoke whilst on holiday. I thought I’d buy a new wheel rather than try to get it mended. I told the guy I wanted a 700c wheel for a road bike, he comes back with a wheel for a hybrid - that’s the only one they had. I went back the next day to see if they’d fix my broken spoke. It was a Sunday and there was only one other person in the shop. The bloke serving said he wouldn’t be able to even speak to me for at least half an hour as he was serving the other guy.

I left and took my wheel to Ricci in Redruth who texted me later the same day to say the wheel was ready.
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