Carradice Top Tube Bag

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Carradice Top Tube Bag

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I had a search for this before I bought it but couldn't find anything but a passing mention to this so though I would post my thoughts.

I have been looking at a simple way of adding some storage to my road bike without over loading it too much and to compliment my saddle bag which carrys my tube and tools. My pump is frame mounted but I struggle with where to put my phone and keys etc, I don't wear cycling specific clothing all the time and even when I do I don't really like the back pockets.

So I was drawn towards tube bag that way slim enough to be unobtrusive but big enough for a big phone, keys, probably some food wallets if needed. Many of the Chinese brands seem to have poor straps which don't look like they would stay still without modification. Topeka had a few options but I thought I would look a little closer to home.

Both Mac Workshop and Carradice do very similar models But Carradice won on it being a tiny bit bigger and a a fair bit cheaper.

The bag arrived the other day and I have managed to go out on a couple of rides with it and I am very impressed so far, Sue did a great job.

The base and both straps are lined with recycled innertube which help stabilise the bag against the frame, this makes for solid fit. Size wise you can fit a fairly large phone in and lots of other bits and bobs, you could probably use it to fit a small mini pump in too if that was your requirements. Today I went for quite a fast ride and it did not move at all and the internal sections kept my keys and phone separate.

Finish and quality is exactly what I had hoped for from Carradice and I am very pleased.

Points to note
If you have a "Slammed" stem then you are not going to able to fit this in the standard configuration.
It is not waterproof but water resistant as I understand it, not an issue for me but something to be aware of.

Few pics of it in situ

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