Burley Minnow

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Burley Minnow

Postby prestavalve » 13 Jan 2021, 4:11pm

What it is?

Entry level trailer for people who need to transport one child and their associated logistics train, total weight no more than 35kg. The biggest difference between this trailer and others in the range is that it doesn't have the add-ons that let it become a stroller, jogger or dog drawn sled.

How much is it?

About £250 quid or so - it's the cheapest trailer in Burley's range, but still twice the price of the cheapest ones out there.

How much have you used it? Is it any good?

I got this a month ago and have not used it a huge amount. One day trip into the country and a whole bunch of short trips to nursery.

Pros include:

- feels safe: bright, has a "roll cage"; 5 point harness; fixings for lights; has a little flag
- very easy to ride with, doesn't weight much (6.5kg without child) and handles well
- has a luggage pouch; have used it for shopping once and will do so again (click and collect is going to be fun)
- daughter loves it

Cons include:

- two small components (a retaining clip for the hitch and another for the frame) have both broken this is after a month and little use ... I am concerned about the build quality now and wonder if I have paid a premium for something that won't last for as long as I'd hoped.
- I am jealous of the Surly hitch
- flag only has a sleeve for one side of the cabin; for 50c more they could have made this dual sided (and thus better for the UK)

Contacted Burley and they offered to replace the parts under warranty but I have already got a top notch bodge (big keyring for the hitch, better than the original clip) and fixed the other thing in my workshop. Burley were not interested in finding out anything else about the broken pieces, which I thought was a bit rubbish of them.


6 3/4 out of 8 at the moment, may reduce with time if more things fail.