Cycle Highlands, Ballater

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Cycle Highlands, Ballater

Postby redecoffee » 13 Jan 2021, 4:12pm

My partner and I went there during a busy period between lockdowns. I wanted to buy a new bike for Bikepacking, Commuting and Audaxing. I went in with a specific bicycle in mind, and explained to them what I wanted from the bike and which one I had been looking at.

They enthusiastically selected a handful of their bikes capable of doing all the tasks listed, and let me test ride them, they insisted I make absolutely sure which ones I liked and why. They explained to me why the bike I had been looking at would not have matched my expectations, and were extremely knowledgeable.

I ended up leaving with a bike that I never leave home without now, even during such a busy time it took them only an hour to have the bike set up with the accessories I wanted as a very good price. I had never thought I would have actually been able to take the bike home with me the same week, nevermind just a cup of coffee later.

I would always recommend them now that I have tried them.
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