Dales Glasgow - Specialized shoes

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Dales Glasgow - Specialized shoes

Postby dmiller » 31 Mar 2009, 9:03am


I bought a set of specialized mtb shoes in september last year and have worn them every day since (monday - friday) commuting and at least once every weekend on the hills... Well the shoes split down at the toe box, not near any crash damage bits or at a section you would expect things to wear.

I popped back into Dales at the weekend to see about a warranty repair. I explained where they were split to the guy at the till who said he would be back in a sec. I expected a manager to come out for the polite: "mate, these shoes are wrecked, jog on" chat. What I didnt expect was for him to come back with a brand new set of shoes! :D

As ever superb service from Dales!



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Mick F
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Re: Dales Glasgow - Specialized shoes

Postby Mick F » 31 Mar 2009, 1:34pm

Good result!

I'm so glad Dales are still in business. I was last in there back in '84. I'd bought my Raleigh Clubman from them, and would often pop in for bits and bobs - and to drool over their bikes!!

It was a good shop, on two levels. Are they still in the same premises down on the old Dumbarton Road?
Mick F. Cornwall

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Kevin K
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Re: Dales Glasgow - Specialized shoes

Postby Kevin K » 31 Mar 2009, 7:43pm

Nope, now on Dobbies Loan north east of Buchanan Bus Station. Still a good shop though with a wide range of stuff. Kevin
Kevin K. Glasgow