optilabs prescription cycling glasses

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Re: optilabs prescription cycling glasses

Postby DavidT » 1 Nov 2011, 9:14pm

I've previously posted that I have been a satisfied customer of Optilabs. Well I remain a satisfied customer. :D

Thanks to a prescription change, I've recently had a need to update my cycling glasses. Optilabs sent by return my choice of 3 frames to try on, excellently packaged, and with return postage and labels included. I duly placed an order for a Mirage frame with Photochromatic lenses and these were delivered about 10 days later. Excellent service, and as previously I'm very happy with the glasses. CTC discount applies.

This time I had to stand my ground slightly with Specsavers to get my "Pupil Distance" measurement, but to be fair they did supply this (Along with a leaflet excluding all their liabilities if I pass the details on to another provider :roll: ..... which is fair enough I guess)

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Re: optilabs prescription cycling glasses

Postby MadMalx » 23 Nov 2011, 3:32pm

I've had my Optilabs' Rapides for 3 years, very happy - shove in pocket when not used and still not a scratch on the lens.
Silicone nose and arm covers has perished, but still work fine regardless and I'm too stingy to replace until I need to (although I will go back to Optilabs).
I bought photochromic and work great for on and off road and commuting, day and night.
I was a bit worried about sensation of lashes on the lens to start with and spoke to them, and they suggested sending back. I didn't get round to it but got used to them after a couple of weeks and I really don't notice now.
I bought varifocals and had the issue with my optician (Tesco) refusing to supply pupil distance. I pointed out they were holding personal biometric data about me and asked to speak to their data protection officer, at which point they gave me the information. On reflection I wouldn't bother with varifocals again (for any specs), because I usually still end up taking them off to read now my eyes are aging, but they do help a quick glance at the odometer or map.

Only minus is my missus and teenage children are embarassed to be seen with me wearing them, although they are even more bothered by the lycra.

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Re: optilabs prescription cycling glasses

Postby Edwards » 23 Nov 2011, 7:51pm

The problem of getting the Pupil Distance Measurements does seem to be a common theme.
There are two solutions, the first is to send an old pair of glasses to Optilabs and they can get the measurement from that.
The second is when you have your eyes tested MAKE THEM WRITE IT ON THE PRESCRIPTION. If they will not, do not pay as your are entitled to the information on your prescription.
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Re: optilabs prescription cycling glasses

Postby Wesh-Laurence » 9 May 2013, 6:05pm

I've had two pairs of cycling glasses with my prescription built into an RX Adapter (Insert) made for me in the past. Due to the wrap around lens designs of the frames, one pair gave me badly distorted vision and the other pair gives me distorted periferal vision. Neither pair of cycling glasses have been satifactory.

I've just returned from Optilabs who fitted my bifocal prescription into an RX Adapter insert for a pair of Specialized Cycling glasses. These glasses have a very pronounced wrap around design. The glasses do not distort my vision either through the centres or through the periphery of the lenses. I am extremely impressed that Optilabs have achieved something that other opticians could not achieve.

I went to the Optilabs premises in person with my prescription. They measured my PD Pupillary Distance which differed from my opticians measurement by 1mm. More significantly Optilabs found that my left and right pupillary distances are different which they incorporated into my new glasses. They also adjusted my prescription in order to compensate for the wrap around design of the frame. I will be using Optilabs again when I need new sports glasses.