Chain Reaction Cycles

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby byegad » 5 Feb 2010, 8:51am

Another satisfied customer here. Many orders over the last few years, the latest was ordered at 14.10 on Wednesday, opting for Royal Mail free delivery, so potentially the slowest delivery option, arrived 11.00 Thursday. This is excellent service from both CRC and FOR ONCE Royal Mail. I'm not a Royal Mail fan having had lost post as recently as last week, we found out it was lost when my wife turned up for an appointment only to be asked why she was there. The firm had written two weeks ago to cancel the appointment! Still the cancelling letter has not arrived.
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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby mill4six » 5 Feb 2010, 2:18pm

I like em, bought loads of stuff, never had a problem, will buy again if the price is competitive.

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby gbnz » 16 Feb 2010, 10:49am

I'm so impressed with the reviews & the cheap prices, that I've given CRC a second chance to sell me a set of brake pads. I'm feeling in a generous mood and will be delighted if CRC forward me the order I've placed.

What can go wrong :?:

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby gbnz » 17 Feb 2010, 1:34pm

I don't know what to say. CRC are fantastic in terms of delivery times. My original order on the 20th January 2010 for 4 No. pairs of brake shoes, arrived within 48 hours. My second order of 17th January 2010 for 4 No. pairs of brake shoes, arrived overnight.

The first order was missing 75% of the goods ordered, without explantion (I received one pair of brake shoes)

The second order was missing 50% of the goods ordered, without explanation (I received two pairs of brake shoes)

I've emailed CRC, if I don't receive a reply within seven days,I'll have to return the partial order delivered

And then I'll try ordering 4 No. pairs of brake shoes for a third time. I CANNOT BELIEVE CRC would mess the order up on a third occasion and send me 3 No. pairs of brake shoes (Actully, I do believe that's what'll happen)

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby gbnz » 18 Feb 2010, 8:54am

Received a reply from CRC at 8.47pm, to my earlier email (Within 12 hours of contacting them). Top marks for a quick response :D

They have again instructed me to take photograhs of the brake shoes they haven't sent me and forward such photographs to CRC. They have again instructed me to scan a copy of the invoice for the brake shoes they haven't sent me and forward a scanned copy of the invoice to CRC. Poor remarks for farce involved in failing to deal with the issue :(

I refuse to get worked up, when ordering brake shoes from CRC. I refuse to. I refuse .......... :x :roll: :twisted: :x :!:

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby julk » 18 Feb 2010, 3:26pm

I bought some similar brake shoes with blocks from CRC which I was not happy with when I saw them. Sent them back and got a refund.

I have since bought my brake consumables from DotBike.

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby gbnz » 19 Feb 2010, 10:36am

Received a reply from CRC (24 hours after contacting them). They are forwarding the remainder of my order, without further questions being asked :D

I'm almost tempted to order another set of brake shoes, to see what'd happen that time. Personally I believe the chance of obtaing the brake shoes ordered, would be next to non existent

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby robinlh » 20 Feb 2010, 10:54pm

if its touring stuff you want its much easier to ring Spa cycles and speak to a human being,even if they don't like Campag.........
Not that I don't see their point,my lifelong love affair with Campag has had its bitter moments.

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby robinlh » 21 Feb 2010, 7:11pm

This all reminds me of the infamous Ribble cycles.
About 15 years ago I sent them an order for the full kit to equip a new frame,all of it.
They got the brakes right,and since the calipers were Shimano and the levers triple Ergos,I suppose I should have been impressed.
Except that everything else was wrong to the point of mirth.
Especially as i placed the order by phone and confirmed in writing.
Complaints produced a plethora of parts none of which were actually correct,some of which i still have,and they never asked me to return the incorrect items.
How have they survived?
I've been in sales and marketing all my ife,and not exactly making the tea,and i still use this as an example on my "How to destroy a business" when I'm training people.
I suppose they are kept going by a sucession of new owners wo think that if you keep your weight on the foot in the air it all comes right.

As nearly nobody in retail wants to believe,it works like this.
You recruit only those that are good enough,default nobody.
You train train and re-train.And monitor mercilessly.
You sack them within 6 months unless 99% happy.
You pay them enough so everyone wants to work for you and nobody wants to leave.
The incredible thing,which absolutely 100% of retail management deny,is this.
Its cheaper that way!

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby gbnz » 24 Feb 2010, 1:13pm

The saga continues :shock:

Until this morning, 50% of my order for brake shoes remained missing. And then the missing 50% of my order appeared, which finally gave closure to my experience of ordering brake shoes from CRC. But with reluctance,I'm unhappy to report that more brake shoes appeared from the package. Which I hadn't ordered. And more brake pads. Which I hadn't ordered.

I am not prepared to spend money on postage, sending goods I haven't ordered and haven't paid, back to CRC, given that the likelihood of my postage costs being repaid correctly, would appear to be next to non existent. I'm considering emailing them, asking for a stamped self addressed envelope to send CRC's goods back to CRC, given I'm not comfortable benefiting financially from their errors.

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby meic » 24 Feb 2010, 1:43pm

Just email them and inform them of their mistake and ask them to collect the surplus pads.
Keep a copy of the email, possibly even one of those automatic response tags on it.
Then it is their problem and after a certain period the goods are yours if they make no effort to collect.
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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby Al Wright » 25 Feb 2010, 10:26pm

I made a number of purchases from CRC over the last couple of years. I had to return goods twice, one a defect, the other an incorrect part. On both occasions the correct materials were delivered by post within three working days of returning the incorrect goods. Fair Play to CRC.... and Royal Mail .

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby gbnz » 10 Mar 2010, 1:31pm

Ordered a new hub on the 08th March, delivery was within 24 hours and included the goods I'd ordered. Price's 50% cheaper than nearest competitor

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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby [XAP]Bob » 27 Apr 2010, 5:29pm

I was very happy last time I used them, but having burnt through a set of tyres I ordered a couple of new sets, and threw in some new brake levers for good measure.

Ordered on Sunday evening, paid extra for 24h delivery, and they have only just shipped them (late Tuesday)
I fully expect it all to arrive tomorrow, and they'll refund the shipping charge, but there is a reason I was happy to pay it - I wanted the stuff fast...

Slightly miffed, will use them again though...

EDIT - Update
Wrong sized tyres :( They don't put ISO sizes on the website...
OTOH excellent customer service (when you manage to get through on the phones):
  • They phoned me back (my mobile was rather poor reception)
  • They are refunding the postage charge
  • They said have a look, continental are sometimes generous with sizing, so I tested and 406 means 406, not 451...
  • They're accepting them back anyway (DSR is quite clear here)
  • They're paying for the return postage! (Not necessarily expected)
  • First bloke said that all their 1 1/8 tyres were 451, ordered (again) on that basis
  • Noticed on Wiggle that that wasn't the case for the tyres I'd just ordered...
  • They then got tyres sent up from the warehouse to check sizes for me and cancelled the order.
  • They're giving me a £5 voucher for my troubles

EDIT - The duranos this time are 406 ARGGGH
I'm starting to get really quite annoyed...
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Re: Chain Reaction Cycles

Postby hondated » 14 May 2010, 7:41pm

I ordered a BB and it arrived very quickly as I received it yesterday. I then realised it was the wrong one and so yesterday afternoon I returned it to them for exchange.
This morning I then received a phone call from Adam at CRC telling me that he had received it and at the same time the one I wanted was out of stock but should be in within 5 -7 days.
I would have liked it sooner but if it has sold out so what can they do.
Adam was a pleasant fella to talk to and we had a good chat about the NW200 motorcycle race.I have used CRC before and never had a problem. To me they are a great company and have pleasant staff who offer a good customer service.