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Posted: 7 Feb 2011, 1:04pm
by Si
1/ There seem to be many threads that hold reviews of the same shops and services. This section is meant to allow people to have a quick check on a service or item before using it - thus it would be advantageous if people would first SEARCH for existing threads that concern the topic that they want to post about rather than starting yet another new one.

Popular shops, such as Wiggle, Chain Reaction, CTC Shop, SJSC, Spa, etc all have existing threads - please use one of these rather than starting a new one.

2/ This section of the board is for reviews of specific items or services only - if you've a question then please ask it in either of the Does Anyone Know sections of the board. If you started a topic in this section of the board and it has dissappeared, this might be the reason - try looking to see if it has been moved there.

Thank you.