Naming topics

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Naming topics

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When starting a new thread, please try to only use the name of the product/service that you are discussing rather than adding opinion to the title.

For instance: "Fred Blog's Cycle Shop" rather than "Fred Blog's Cycle Shop - bent as a two bob note" or "Fred Blog's Cycle Shop - greatest thing since sliced bread"

Partly for the reasons given here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=14611

Partly because replies to your post might not agree with your original comment thus making the thread title misleading. For instance a title of "Fred Blog's Cycle Shop - greatest thing since sliced bread" with one positive post and 99 reports of bad service gives the impression that the service is good to anyone who just views the list of thread titles. It's also better to have one thread about "Fred Blogs" rather than two, one containing all the positive remarks and one containing all the negative.