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Re: Wiggle

Post by Auchmill »

Not really Wiggle's problem, but their courier, UKMail leaves a lot to be desired. Paid for next day delivery. Got text that they would deliver between 1300 and 1700 hrs. Stayed around waiting, no sign. Checked their tracking website to find they attempted delivery at 10.50, but no one in and left card, which is untrue. There were people around and no card was left. They went to wrong address. This is second time UKMail have done this - first time was when I ordered an iPhone a couple of months ago. Fortunately Apple sorted it out.

Have emailed Wiggle and await response, meanwhile no weekend bike ride as I needed the parts ordered.

On the other hand an order from Ribble arrived next day as promised via Parcelforce.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by Mark1978 »

It is Wiggles problem. You pay wiggle to not UK Mail to deliver the parcel to you. So your contract is with Wiggle; so they are responsible for ensuring that the delivery process goes smoothly. If UK Mail gets it wrong Wiggle cannot wash their hands of it.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by Auchmill »

Yes, I await their reply. I meant that they rely on their couriers to deliver, so to speak, but are accountable to the customer for any failures, as you say.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by Auchmill »

Wiggle refunded my postage yesterday. Well done.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by Paulatic »

Wiggle are closing their service centres which are within Homebase stores.

I didn't know they had them!
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Post by Heltor Chasca »

I'm not even going to go into detail on this rant. I think I just need to depressurise! I wish I had read some of these posts previous to this week's diabolical shambles. I stopped using Wiggle 4 months ago as I was fed up with previous botched orders and swore I'd never use them again. After all their prices aren't particularly competitive anymore.Trouble is people forget and I'm one of them.

I put through a sizeable order (to me anyway) at the end of the week, just having cleared some personal expenses. Feeling the need to congratulate myself with some winter woolies I went with an offer they had going. Unfortunately it all went for a ball of chalk. Wiggle excuses/reasoning went from cute excuses about 'gremlins in the warehouse' (I hate that excuse) to 'it's the couriers fault (which was a lie that didn't tie up with another excuse I was given; warehouse move and unpublished deadline times (like that's got anything to do with the customer) and the scariest was small print advising I couldn't cancel my order!

I was offered paltry goodwill discounts ranging from £4.99 to 'okay here's a couple more quid off' which were actually more insulting than pacifying. Then there was the usual, 'instances like these are very rare' and we 'promise this will never happen again'. Third time round that I can remember (could be more over the years) this promise doesn't wash with me.

I finally have had an agreement they will cancel my order and now I'm just waiting for my refund. This time I WILL remember not to order with them again.

I've also deleted their App which I think was designed and launched by a team of doped up warehouse gremlins. Check it out I.T. geeks. It'll provide some light humour and a good example of a 'how not to' App.

Off down to the lbs. Cheers...b

Edit: The Haribo sweets are a deliberate ploy to give you a blood sugar high, prior to finding out what's missing, what's faulty, what's the wrong size etc in your Wiggle package.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by JohnW »

Heltor Chasca wrote:..............Off down to the lbs. Cheers............

Attaboy Heltor................... :D :D :D :D :D
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Re: Wiggle

Post by Zimba »

I've never been happy with a service which relies solely on couriers to get stuff to your door. I've been picking online retailers who still use Royal mail as I've never, ever had a problem getting a parcel via those means.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by gaz »

Ordered some brake shoe inserts on Thursday, arrived Saturday :) .
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Re: Wiggle

Post by Winterflaw »

Wiggle may be telling white lies to customers regarding silently cancelled orders.

I ordered a Shimano DA groupset.

Paid using Revolut (FInTech offering Mastercard debit cards).

Order went through fine, on a Monday, delivery expected Friday.

Two weeks later, I chase them up.

Turns out the order has been cancelled, and without notifying me.

I was told should I re-order to mark the order "FAO The Profit Protecton Team".

Googling shows this is the Wiggle name for their anti-fraud team.

I asked why the order was cancelled, and why there had been no notification.

I was told, "Unfortunately due to some recent system upgrades, when we attempted to process the order it failed", and that this was also why there was no notification.

I asked if it had affected many people and was told that it had (this would have on the 9th/10th April).

What I actually think happened is that Wiggle anti-fraud blocked the order, and then because they considered it fraud didn't notify - after all, you don't notify fraudulent buyers, you can't. It's like telling email spammers you've rejected their email.

I think Wiggle then lied to me about what happened - and this is a problem, because if it's true, they're portraying this as a sofware cock-up, rather than a false positive fraud block : if it *was* a software cock-up, why would I need to mark my order for attention of the anti-fraud team - or indeed do *anything* differently?

The problem with this is that it removes from me the ability to respond appropriately to what occurred. If I think a company ballsed up their software, that's one thing, if I think they are OTT on anti-fraud, that's another. It's not for Wiggle to deceive me to influence how I think of what happened.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by philvantwo »

But why try to pay with a Revolut card? I've got one, put money on it and then use it abroad, then when I get back to England any money left on it I transfer back into my bank account. For online purchases always use a credit card!!
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Re: Wiggle

Post by John1054 »

Yesterday afternoon (13.30), ordered inner tubes; paid for deliver by Friday (48 hours); delivered this morning by 10.00 - less than 24 hours later, very pleased. Also price was the best I could find on-line.
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Re: Wiggle

Post by ianrobo »

I posted about Wiggle in another forum but been using for god knows how long and never a complaint. the one I had about a missing delivery was resolved quickly and efficiently after they checked with the courier. Now I always have it delivered to the local shop just in case and again flawless. However in other aspects they have changed and since taking over CRC the range has narrowed and this is because less competition imho .... especially their lifeline brand seems to have really shrunk, I wonder if more to do with the weakness of the pound ?
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Re: Wiggle

Post by cyclemad »

wiggle have now started selling selected Rapha products......free postage and returns makes it easier..
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Re: Wiggle

Post by NewHorizon »

Rapha returns are free, but it's not immediately obvious. Wiggle are including their normal discount range on Rapha, so that's a healthy 12% for me at the moment, not that I need anything, but I'm a big fan of their Core shorts (better than the the current Classics, for me).
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