Bike24- Germany

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Bike24- Germany

Postby troon25 » 13 May 2011, 3:13pm

Hello all,

Ordered set of tyres and tubes from Bike 24, Germany, late on Tuesday evening (10th), order confirmation received immediately and despatch notice received Wednesday morning (11th) , with tracking details. Tyres have just arrived this afternoon (13th) . Had fun tracking where they were on their journey, carrier was DHL.

Great service and great prices too.

Highly recommended.

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Re: Bike24- Germany

Postby DavidT » 6 Jul 2011, 10:13pm

Have just used Bike24 for the first time. Recommended. No need to faff about setting up an account/passwords if you don't want to, quick payment is an option which is nice. Ordered my B&M Ixon on Thursday (late) evening. Delivered Tuesday. Good service.

Also had a little fun tracking the shipment, although having checked my map I'm surprised the "local" (?) DHL office for Dresden was apparently Krefeld?! Just shows I don't work in distribution I guess :lol:

Anyway, Alles gute (as I believe they'd say over there)

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Mick F
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Re: Bike24- Germany

Postby Mick F » 7 Jul 2011, 8:30am

+1 for bike24 from me too.

Excellent and quick service.
Mick F. Cornwall

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Re: Bike24- Germany

Postby The Mechanic » 8 Jul 2011, 10:11am

+1 for Bike 24. I have ordered a few things from them. Their prices are good and postage is less than some German places. In some cases better than UK prices even after taking postage into account.
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Re: Bike24- Germany

Postby ldsau93 » 3 Nov 2011, 8:05pm

Just ordered a B&M Ixon IQ from them last night, it's already been despatched and due shortly. Will report back on the light once its been installed.

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Re: Bike24- Germany

Postby rualexander » 3 Nov 2011, 9:53pm

ldsau93 wrote:Just ordered a B&M Ixon IQ from them last night, it's already been despatched and due shortly. Will report back on the light once its been installed.

You won't be disappointed, these are great lights, had mine for three years now. I paid 65 euros from Bike24 but I see that they are now down to 49.90 euros!

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Re: Bike24- Germany

Postby deliquium » 18 Aug 2016, 4:44pm

Excellent service from this retailer!

Bought a pair of superb Gonso Palermo V2 three quarter length shorts from them in April. At the beginning of August noticed the stitching was unravelling (not broken) on the seam between the buttocks. Took some close up photos and contacted them. They quickly emailed me a prepaid shipping label to be used at my local Post Office and requested the item back for inspection.

Once they received the shorts, I was advised they would either be repaired, exchanged (unlikely as they don't list any stock anymore), or I'd be refunded. I was politely asked to be patient as it might take 10-15 working days to consider and process.

13 days later an email arrived stating they had been repaired and to expect them soon. They arrived today with a perfect buttock seam and no signs of an afterthought repair, so obviously a very professional job :D

A very big thanks to Bike24 customer service :D
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