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Re: Cycling plus magazine

Postby loch eck steve » 1 May 2018, 8:10pm

hondated wrote:
loch eck steve wrote:Sadly cycling plus seems to have gone down the route of most other mainstream cycling mags , just catering for the sportive/racing/ tour de france wannabee , totally ignoring the rest of the cycling population . The best magazine by far ? Audax Uk members only magazine ' Arrivee '. Lots of inspirational reading and lots of useful hints and tips . If long distance cycling is not your bag there's still loads of interesting cycle touring articles.

The club should hire you as its PR officer as I have just joined the club. As I said I doubt whether I will ever do an Audux but I can settle for four magazines a year for £19. Perhaps more importantly it will also contribute to ensuring the clubs existence.

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