Bricycles in Malvern

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Bricycles in Malvern

Postby malverncyclist » 6 Dec 2011, 12:33pm

I feel I should tell people who live in/near Malvern about Bricycles and this 'breed' of bike shops.

Bricycles is a social enterprise (i.e. they invest their money into the business rather than to share holders etc.). Brian, who co-runs the business stepped into his dad's footsteps who ran a shop from this location until a few years back.

Why I like and use it? It's old fashioned in the sense that part of their business is recycling old bikes and bringing them back into use - not a new idea, there are quite a few of them around these days. They also repair old bikes (whilst many other places just want to sell you a new one). Where they keep up to date with what's going on ... they take part in the Cycle to Work scheme (although I find this is increasingly becoming obsolete thanks to HMRC); they do sell new bikes, they sell new bits (on request, meaning that their workshop is not stuffed with glitzie high end stuff) and they know their stuff.

Not surprisingly I have had experiences with many bike shops, this one (and their breed in other places) is what I prefer: they know what they are doing, they keep you on the road with you old or new bike and they have a wood burning stove going in the winter .... See their website here

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Re: Bricycles in Malvern

Postby bikerpauline » 6 Dec 2011, 3:01pm

A friend of mine who lives in Malvern Link on the advice of my husband took her bike there for repair. She had broken the gear hanger and in the process wrecked the rear mech. They were not interested in doing the repair and told her to take the bike elsewhere.

My husband repaired the bike for her.