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Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 9 Sep 2012, 6:56pm
by Benethi
Just a website recommendation - Sport Pursuit

A friend introduced me to this last week - it's a flash sales site, which apparently means they put a load of stuff up, everyone orders what they want, supplier sends it to them once the sale ends a few weeks later then they send you what you ordered. You can get some good stuff at pretty good prices and they do a fair bit of cycling stuff. That said the cycling stuff they've had so far has been of little interest to me as it looks to be mostly high end racing stuff, though there may be some stuff of interest to some on here.

I joined last week and spent far too much money (on non-cycling stuff)

Just to confirm, I'm not in any way connected to the business - just a so far satisfied customer with admittedly limited experience.

(oh, also there's a problem with the site at the moment that means the big links don't actually work but if you use the ones at the top under the Sales button, that works...)

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Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 12:09pm
by butcher_boy
So this is a site that sells stuff that you get several weeks later?

You have only joined last week, so have you actually received any goods from them?

Doesn't look like the sort of safe Internet shopping I would use.

Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 6:58pm
by mercurykev
I've bought a few things from them over the past year and they have always delivered when or just before they said they would. They also email you when the parcel is dispatched. For example I got a pair of carbon walking poles for £50 and the cheapest I could find them anywhere else was £85 so I reckon there are real saving to be made if you are willing to wait a few weeks. You do have to pay for the items at the point of purchase though.

ps - I'm just a customer not associated with the business etc

Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 11 Sep 2012, 7:25pm
by Benethi
butcher_boy wrote:You have only joined last week, so have you actually received any goods from them?

No, as I said, admittedly limited personal experience! However, I was recommended there by friends who have been using it for a while with no problems.

Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 16 Oct 2012, 3:12pm
by Lithril
Used several times now and the service has been good, as long as you don't need the goods in hurry. Prices are usually good although discounts given are based on SRP figures and not the price that most companies sell at.

Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 21 Oct 2012, 5:16pm
by alpgirl
I have used them, and they are great, as long as you don't mind waiting. If you recommend to friends and they buy stuff, you will get a £5 voucher for each friend!

Re: Sport Pursuit disaster

Posted: 11 Jan 2013, 3:17pm
by Leowood
Ordered some trainers in November, one set of which was for a Christmas present. The first mishap saw them send me an email saying I would receive double the order by mistake, would I mind returning the extra set. Would I be so lucky to receive even a pair of laces! Despite reassurances from that I would get them before Christmas, I have received nothing. What's worse is that I have had to chase so much. I've sent so many emails, most of which do not get a response. I gave up all hope of receiving them this week - as I told them I am emigrating on 19th - so have asked for a refund. No response. Nada. So frustrating. Whether it's crap IT, under staffing or whatever, it's a shambles. Sort it it out guys.

Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 11 Feb 2013, 11:14pm
by Eddie Hotrod
It's rubbish, what they do is buy in bulk lines that manufacturers/distributors want to clear and then undercut the real shops that have been stocking the product. The difference is that they only buy in as much as they've sold. It's yet another way of sticking it to real retailers.

Hands up, I have a vested interest I work in an outdoor shop, but if retail continues to 'evolve' in this way, then pretty soon you'll be left with no specialist retailers for you to go & try it on in before you go home to your PC & buy it for a few quid less online.

If the shop I work in could buy their stock on the basis of only buying in what's already sold, they could slash their prices and make a tidier profit, but as a small independent they've got about £250k tied up in stock so that they have what you want available when you want it. So many of these sites and other websites that advertise "expected delivery 5-7 days" basically don't hold stock of the product and can undercut retailers who offer a SERVICE. Which is what you're paying for.

Apologies for the rant.


Re: Sport Pursuit website

Posted: 30 Jan 2017, 12:00pm
by AndyK
I bought a PDW rear light and some Solo-branded bibtights from them recently. The order turned up promptly, but the zip was faulty on the bibtights - it came apart at the bottom after one ride. When I emailed about a return, they asked me to send photos of the fault. Having seen the photos they quickly refunded my payment in full and asked me to "recycle" the faulty clothing. So I'd be happy to buy again.

The website is a bit of a mess, so you have to be prepared to do a bit of digging around for the good stuff. And watch the delivery dates - some items are held in stock at their warehouse, but as others have noted, some of it is only bought in once they have enough customer orders so can take weeks to arrive. That's all indicated on each product page though.

Oh, and the whole "sign up before you can even look at the website" thing is really silly.

I'd avoid the Solo bibtights though. Though the particular fault mine had was probably a one-off, the zip is very thin and flimsy and probably wouldn't last very long. It's a shame, because in other respects the tights were quite good.