NiceLite NL311 1W Led Bulb - Discontinued 11/13

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Re: NiceLite NL311 1W Led Bulb - Discontinued 11/13

Postby gaz » 16 Dec 2017, 12:27pm

I last used mine through the winter 2013/14, having connected them to a 4xAA NiMH battery pack in favour of the lead acid. The following winter I switched to a Philips Saferide 80lux. A hub dynamo powering a B&M Cyo 60lux is now my preferred lighting choice, since Winter 2016/17 the Philips Saferide remains in use as a back up.

Reading back I detect a certain amount of confirmation bias in my review, particularly with regard to beam cut-off.

The Daylites and the NL311s now sit on a shelf gathering dust.
Missing, presumed fed.