JOGLE first timer

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JOGLE first timer

Postby McSuggy » 5 Nov 2019, 2:04pm

Hi Everyone

I'm new here so apologises if this post is in the wrong place.

After several years of umming and arrhing (if they're even words) I have finally decided to cycle JOGLE next May. I've planned my route and booked my B & B's but was just wondering if anyone has any tips/advice for me. I'm no "Tour de France" cyclist so I'll be taking in the views along the way.

Thanks :)

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Re: JOGLE first timer

Postby ferrit worrier » 5 Nov 2019, 9:47pm

Hi McSuggy

Welcome to the forum

A good idea would be to post your route and the time you want to do it in. you will get lots of advice and places to avoid places to stay etc.

Get plenty of training in. If your looking at doing 100 mile days make sure you can do 100 milers back to back as that is what you'll be doing.

Have a look at the ride end to end web site at top of this section Cycle End-to-End . I've got my blog on there No 573

regards Malc
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Re: JOGLE first timer

Postby Paulatic » 5 Nov 2019, 10:13pm

As McSuggy already has his route and stops planned I don’t think we should say " I wouldn’t do it that way". :)
I do think you are right to Jogle in May as the chances are you’ll get a tail wind more than a headwind.
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Re: JOGLE first timer

Postby Jamesh » 6 Nov 2019, 6:50pm

Don't do it in an anything less than 10 days, take plenty of photos and speak to everyone you meet.


Cheers James

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Re: JOGLE first timer

Postby robgul » 8 Nov 2019, 8:46pm

Take a look at for loads of info ,..... and you can list your ride on the calendar