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Re: Training for lejog

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Re: Training for lejog

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Re: Training for lejog

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Thanks for trying and for letting us know.

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Re: Training for lejog

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If you haven’t already, load up your bike with what you intend to take on lejog, Ride two back to back days of your planned lejog daily average distances with an overnight with that gear. See how you get on. Change the gear or setup as necessary.

You’ll soon know if you’re taking too much, forgotten something, or the bike needs adjusting.
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Re: Training for lejog

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Susie wrote: 21 Jul 2021, 10:52am Also if anyone has any words of wisdom for cycling lejog please let me know!
Hi, Susie.

Are these responses reaching you?

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Re: Training for lejog

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Susie, etal.
Much has been mentioned about miles to be ridden, but the reality is that the climbing is extreme. My route will be a little under 57,000 feet of climbing, that is just a shade under 11 miles upwards.
I have always been an advocate that if you can ride ten miles you can ride 100 (it just become a lot more uncomfortable), but that is if the terrain is fairly level. Add in the climbing required to get from one end of Britain to the other, and it becomes an entirely different chalelnge - and one not to be undertaken lightly. Go and find some hills and ride them and ride them until you truly believe this trek is for you.
Having to give up before the end due to unforeseen circumstances is a constant hazard and understandable, but giving up because you are just not fit enough and properly prepared, is not.
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Re: Training for lejog

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Hi Suzie
Good luck with your ride, and you've asked some great questions.

At 18 you're probably going to finish come what may :) .

Two things to make it easier
1) Definitely train with loaded panniers (I used a couple of bricks which was great though they put a hole in one of my panniers), it makes you more confident about your ability to cope.
2) Definitely go up as many hills as you can, it will help. I've only got one hill near me, so i ride circuits to climb the hill quite a few times. So remember, hills.

My advice is don't over think it. Just make sure you are past getting saddle sores...which training will do. Remember that Cornwall and Devon are two of the toughest counties so don't be dispirited in the first few days. Share your route on here for finessing (I am so grateful for the local advice I've been given over the years). Remember you are credit card touring, which means don't overpack as you can buy stuff if you need it on the way (extra clothes). First thing each night is chuck your clothes in the sink, pre dry them by using a towel as a mangle, then hang 'em up. Stop every so often for a break...before you get tired, well.... too tired. OK, now the tough bit; John O Groats is a huge anticlimax...but you won't care one iota!! In the shop there is a book for LEJOG'ers to sign. Enjoy the ride, it is a wonderful adventure.
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Re: Training for lejog

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I think if you have done enough training you will be fine.

I doubt you will get very bad weather in September, if your doing your training on a turbo them you have the mental fortitude to do it on the road!

There are lots of stuff to see too.

The turbo dosen't allow you to coast down a hill take your backside off the saddle.

Just cut the day up into 4 20miles segments and you will be fine.

Look at Mick F route through Cornwall and Devon.

Cheers James
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