My 16 Day LeJog May / June 2017

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Re: My 16 Day LeJog May / June 2017

Postby FasterFerret » 3 Sep 2018, 6:59pm

Paulatic wrote:
Paulatic wrote:Using IoS satellite view I’ve counted approx 25 vehicles travelling in both directions on the A9 between Golspie and Brora just over 5 mls. Obviously we don’t know what time of day that was. All I can tell is it’s Spring and it’s sunny.
I would say it was busier than that on July5th this year but not frightening.
Closer to Inverness is a different story but easily avoided.

This is someone else’s experience of the A9 around that area. ... 64417?s=20

My experience of taking my kids on trailer bikes and in trailers is that all motorists will give you room and most will slow considerably going past.

So much so that I often wondered about just hitching-up our Burley trailer (long since sold now) to the back of my bike for my training rides.

I read somewhere, a long time ago, it is about the perceived competence of the cyclist - if you look like you know what you are doing, going in a nice straight line that apparently equals - pass as close as you like. If you are wobbling, weaving or (if I remember the research correctly) have a ponytail (!) you will get more room. I think that there is more recent research, but it has not stuck in my head as well.

It's infuriating that the same motorists do not apply the same to all cyclists.

I am desperately trying to not mention the record for the 'youngest people dragged from one end of the country to another on a trailer (bike)'. Oops, slipped out...