Cicerone End to End route review

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Re: Cicerone End to End route review

Postby Jamesh » 7 May 2019, 8:31am

Unless you want to go via cheddar and Bristol airport why don't people go via clevedon, portishead over Avon mouth bridge and onto seven bridge? Seems alot easier apart from getting to clevedon via a38 a370???

Cheers James

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Re: Cicerone End to End route review

Postby scarletnut » 12 May 2019, 9:43pm

Did this last September and reviewed it somewhere on the Forum... but in terms of busy roads I think out of Plymouth is the worst section and even that now has a cyclepath for 4 to 5 miles so is better than the book suggests. Oddly I found late afternoon going around St Austell one of the busiest and worst sections.....I planned the ride so that Bristol around to Monmouth was on a Sunday so the whole leg was brilliant and the Avonmouth to Severn Bridge was great!! This even worked for the Glasgow leg a week later on a Saturday.
Windermere to Ambleside was also a manic 4 miles or so and I just regularly stopped to let traffic past. otherwise enjoy!!

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Re: Cicerone End to End route review

Postby andrew_s » 13 May 2019, 9:59pm

PhilPub wrote:Day 12, between Fort William and Fort Augustus. "You will find that the NCN78 has a reasonably good, shale-type surface, ideally suited for hybrid and touring bicycles, although road bicycles can navigate the track but will need to use extra care to avoid punctures." Hahaaa! Sorry but I refuse to believe that since the book was updated in 2014 that the surface could have deteriorated to such an extent that large portions of it are completely unridable on anything but an MTB with suspension.

It only takes Forestry types with big tree-munching machines a few weeks to make a complete mess of any tracks - far shorter than the time it takes to update and republish a guide. It's a risk you take with most forest tracks.