Route advice and using Komoot?

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Route advice and using Komoot?

Postby martinjreed » 24 Jun 2018, 11:50am

Hi, I have just finished planning my route for my LEJOG starting 7th August this year. You can see my planned route on Komoot at ... nding=true
(some bits in Scotland overlap as I may be flexible with stopping points as I am camping, so not all those stages are as long as they appear).

It is mostly following the Cicerone/Nick Mitchell route until Loch Lomond, then the Sustrans route for the rest. Would love some comments/advice.

In particular :

i) Day one (my stage 01 on my Komoot page) I was planning to go via Mousehole as I want to see it again, but I reckon it will be a tougher route than the usual Cicerone route.

ii) my stage 02 on Komoot: I want to avoid the "busy" (according to Cicerone book) A386 out of Plymouth to Yelverton, so am thinking of following NCN 27 which is a bit East of A386 but looks much nicer even if it adds a couple of km. Can anyone else comment on this?

iii) my stage 12 I have identified two possible routes from Loch Tay to Aviemore direction. The NCN7 goes via Pitlochry, but there is a much shorter route (but with three more steep peaks) via Trinafour, I have received some comments on that at viewtopic.php?f=22&t=122686 which makes the shorter route sound good, if a little tough on a bad day.

Would also like to hear from anyone that has been using Komoot. I have found it fantastic for some shorter (2 or 4 day) tours as it both records and gives turn-by-turn navigation while allowing the phone battery to last all day. I am planning to use it all the way for my LEJOG with a solar panel strapped to the rear panniers to keep a battery charged ....

All the best,


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Re: Route advice and using Komoot?

Postby robing » 5 Jul 2018, 8:34am

I just completed LEJOG using Komoot with the Wahoo Bolt and it was pretty much flawless. I used the road bike setting. It did put me on a few busy stretches of road but otherwise it chose quieter roads and NCN routes where possible.

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Re: Route advice and using Komoot?

Postby PhilPub » 5 Jul 2018, 9:35am

i) Mousehole's pretty and everything but personally, knowing how many ups and downs are still left to do in Cornwall, I think I'd prefer to crack on with the A30 to start off.

ii) The A386 is busy, but besides having a good cycle lane for a lot of it, it's out of the way before too long and before you know it you're the other side of Yelverton and enjoying the views on Dartmoor (after a bit of a climb, of course!) I can't comment on the alternative NCN route.

The app sounds useful. I was navigating from RidewithGPS on my phone in my back pocket, and often thought it would've been handy to have sorted out some sort of phone-on-bars arrangement.

As mentioned elsewhere I largely used Cicerone all the way and really rate it (on the whole).

Have a look here for mini-stage 1...