Mick F route fast but safe.

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Re: Mick F route fast but safe.

Postby Paulatic » 28 Jan 2019, 9:38am

Mick F wrote:
Jamesh wrote:Hi using this guide where would you put in another day? I'm thinking Scotland as it's beautiful and tough?!
Scotland isn't tough at all. High elevations and open country yes, but if you want tough, consider the Cornwall and Devon sections.

I’d agree with Mick, Scotland isn’t tough at all and the Wimps route through D&C was nowhere near as bad as some people’s way out of there. IME the toughest parts are Cities dealing with navigation and traffic I found very tiring and time consuming.
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Re: Mick F route fast but safe.

Postby Jamesh » 29 Jan 2019, 9:05am

Route through Manchester....
From Altrincham out to Warburton Bridge over the Ship Canal, at the "T" junction turn Right onto the A57 Manchester Road, next set of lights turn left into Glazebrook road Changes into Holcroft Lane, at mini roundabout turn right onto Warrington road cross the East Lancs A580 over the canal to the "T" junction and turn left into Leigh. Pass the Police station on left At cross roads with B5215 turn right, Leigh Road. follow that up for a few miles until Lovers Lane then left. Lovers Lane comes out onto Wigan Road and a staggered junction so its left onto Wigan road then right onto Schofield Lane, which becomes Lower Leigh road then Leigh Road. to the "T" junction at end and Left onto Cricketers Way to cross roads right onto Wigan road that changes to Church street at "T" junction at the end turn left and A6. At this point I always used to think to myself next stop Kendal ( after Fredericks of course )
I think that is a far easier route with much less traffic and without the stopping and starting of commuting through the city.

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Re: Mick F route fast but safe.

Postby Jamesh » 12 Feb 2019, 7:17pm

Looking at travel plans
Over night sleeper from London to Penzance Friday night.
Arriving in Penzance 8am for ride to LE and back up to Oakhampton. Seems straight forward.

Return a week on sunday following train from wick to Leeds can I book bike reservations or is it lucky dip?

Otherwise am I best getting the bike couriers to pack up my bike and post it back?

Cheers James