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Re: LEJOG off road

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 9 Jan 2019, 7:40pm

flash wrote:Cheers but carrying stuff would make it really hard work. I’ve 2 fixed MTB, both 65” (I think)...

I think also that off road and that includes short grass, a 65 " gear on a light bike will also prove near impossible.
Off road with camping gear say 70 Ibs all up weight you need a 20" gear or walk even more for all day riding.

To consider-
Tyres - too aggressive suck power, slow, I.M.O. most rough stuff XC bikers go to aggressive for the aesthetics, more hybrid is faster though slightly less comfortable, unless its a sea of sodden grass fields and peat bog, even peat bog would mean walking anyway.

Weight will make all the difference of course.

Gears - off road there is no gradual drift to a hill just a few seconds to decide the gear you need, which also means a medium gear to get through a short stretch of bog standing, mostly you are glad to hit terrafirma and sit to rest your legs after the sprint. a few feet to several yards.

Small up hill steps - of just six inches need careful planning to get both wheels over the step, normally you read the step within a few seconds, approach fast then change down and hope enough momentum will carry you up, slippery is always a gamble whether you stay on or thrown onto bars, when front wheel refuses to go over step, balls of steel are mandatory :)

As soon as I leave a gravel track and hit grass / potholes / slippery mud uphill etc its a gear of 50" or less.
On my training course a 70" gear for about a 1.3 mile (gravelled disused railway) climbing 100' / M sees me starting to fade.

You are lighter than me for sure, so you can tolerate higher gear for longer up hill.

Maybe I misunderstood what type of off road you will see on route?
After looking at some of the terrain even gravel track suck all your energy.
I think weeks will be needed for sure, as its not a straight 860M is it.

Only way I suppose is to do a expected days ride on said gear inch?
Lets us know how you get on.
Three speed IGH if you want to go minimal.

Self supporting camping will be logistically simpler by far.
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