My 10 day JOGLE route

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Re: My 10 day JOGLE route

Postby Jamesh » 14 Jun 2019, 8:50pm

plumby wrote:Thanks for this, really insightful. What was your daily average out of interest FF?

I’m going for 100 mile days now for 10 days. I was really intrigued by your description of a heavy road, thanks for that. Since your post about my first day (130m) I’ve trimmed it down to 100 now which means faffing about with the rest of the days in RWGPS. But it’s definitely worth it. I need to add shops onto my Wahoo as a cue so I remember. I really don’t relish the prospect of bonking in the Highlands!

Think my training is enough?...
I have done a number of back to back 65 milers with the most being 4 consecutive days. These were unloaded though as in no luggage except for 2kg of water and flapjacks. I am doing these on my new gravel bike with 35mm tyres and doing them in 3h 45m with, according to my Wahoo, 5000ft of climb. I’m hoping 100 milers will be achievable after this. I am planning on some single centuries before but don’t want to do back to back 100s over the weekend as my children will forget what I look like!

I also cycle 20 miles a day to and from work on a single speed bike with 600ft of climb each way. I hope all this proves to be enough?

Random question alert! – how do you get your picture next to the JoG monument? I think I read somewhere that some chap charges a tenner and then takes the sign down and takes it home! Anyone know?

Sounds good looks like you have done a reasonable amount.

Two bits of advice I can give from riding centuries is -

A) ride at what seems like a really slow pace, spinning not pushing hard on the pedals getting over the hills by going down through the gears rather than honking out the saddle. Thus are not going into the red and honking.
B) you have all day to ride the day so taking time to have a rest break at a cafe or coffee shop is well worth it.
C) good rest in the evening preferably lying down and not walking about.

Just my own observations and currently reading Mark Beaumont book on his 1st adventure cycling round the world.

Cheers James

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Re: My 10 day JOGLE route

Postby whoof » 14 Jun 2019, 9:08pm

Day 8 just South West of Thornbury it looks like you are following the NCN 41. I would go via the 410, this goes through Olverston and Easter Compton avoiding a bike path beside the A403. Also after you have crossed the Avon via the M5 it goes through Pill to Portbury avoiding an off road, and the last time I rode it unsurfaced section at Easton in Gordino.