100hr lejog

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Re: 100hr lejog

Postby runtilyoudrop » 3 Sep 2019, 12:13am

first day went ok. Got early start down a30 with detour at Bodmin and pathfinders village near Exeter which gave break from a30 noise! Joined in a time trial on a 30 for good measure. Went up via Weston super for some reason. Police road block sent me off course then lost wahoo route as over 100 miles. Re-route using wahoo was crazy sending me along mtb track so had to double back. Severn bridge crossing was highlight but route to Monmouth was tough.

Had tumble just out side Exeter when tried to jump up into bike line away from close following car. Few grazes and landed on my back. When set out today old back injury flared and could not push pedal and pain to much to continue so bailed at Telford. My route was probably not great but views were worth it.

Shalll try again next year in mid summer. Oh yeah had too much kit.

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Re: 100hr lejog

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 3 Sep 2019, 12:49am

Good effort!
Glad you are OK.

I will plan next year I will take what I can get however I am feeling at the time.
Time is running out for me at 60.

Keep safe.

P.S. were you camping?
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Re: 100hr lejog

Postby Paulatic » 3 Sep 2019, 6:42am

It must be very disappointing for you but a good insight into the difficulties of an ambitious quest.
I didn’t know Wahoo's couldn’t go above 100 mls.
You’ve also brought back memories of the traffic noise down there, it’s horrendous 24 hrs, I can still hear it in my sleep to this day.
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Re: 100hr lejog

Postby Jamesh » 3 Sep 2019, 8:00am

Sorry to hear it.
Good effort!
Must be hard when you take a big knock like that.

Hope you recover well.

Will make the effort all the more sweet when you eventually complete it!

How about using a support van?

Keep us informed..

Cheers James

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Re: 100hr lejog

Postby Spinners » 3 Sep 2019, 8:14am

Brave effort mate! Hope you recover and good luck next year.

Fantastic milegage for Day 1 (I think I was half-way through Day 3 getting there).
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