Support vehicles and "rules".

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Re: Support vehicles and "rules".

Postby mattheus » 9 Dec 2019, 8:57am

rareposter wrote:Yeah, I've got nothing against support vehicles - my comment was more about how it was deployed and to my mind, having it sitting there a few feet behind the rider for the entire day is the worst thing possible.

I appreciate that in some events (like RAAM) and for record attempts it's a necessity but as support for regular touring, it's an extremely inefficient way of doing things. Wrecks the clutch, uses more fuel, acts as a rolling road block thus annoying every other road user and means the driver is potentially sitting there for 8+ hrs crawling along at cycling speed unable to actually do anything else like take a break, buy food or prepare things in advance for the rider (unless of course there's a second person in the vehicle doing logistics).

Yes, it's perhaps the main thing that puts me off the RAAM concept - i.e. "Supporting" it, feting it, whatever - not actually competing in the thing!
(Pippa Middleton did quite well in a team a few years back … but I'm getting distracted now … )

I have a physio friend who helped "crew" for her friend on RAAM once. Of course she was just doing it as a favour to her mate (and to get some interesting cross-training), but I have to say I was not impressed by the venture at all. Imagine if those dozens of support crew on the race had given their time to a more inclusive event ( a tour, or the 24h TT … many options!); they could have helped so many more people enjoy riding their bikes.
And used a lot less petrol (and clutches).

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Re: Support vehicles and "rules".

Postby horizon » 9 Dec 2019, 9:21am

Thinking about this again, I would say that of course there are "rules". But, again of course, you set them yourself. I think that is true of any ride where we set ourselves a challenge and, being honest with ourselves (who else not to be?), we try to stick to them.

I find that even on short local rides where I've set out to do a particular something. And then there are rides where there really are rules, such as an Audax. So I don't think it unreasonable that people should try to find out what the rules of LEJOG are in order that they can set themselves a challenge and then have to stick to it - after all, externally imposed rules are much easier to to stick to.

I wonder if a person or body exists (robgul come in please :D ) who can codify some LEJOG variants so that people can say, "Yes, I'm doing it this way". During the recent LEJOG record attempts, I often wondered why there cannot be a more defined say, four day ride that needn't be a record but could be certified in some way. Am I right in thinking that there is already an Audax? And so to a two week LEJOG or a three week or a two week unsupported etc etc. Or a free-style, take as long as you want LEJOG.

They are all valid but if you are eager for a challenge, someone, even if it is yourself, has to define it. Mountain climbing has an easier task of this but cyclists too like to know when they've got to the top and their pain is over.
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Re: Support vehicles and "rules".

Postby mattheus » 9 Dec 2019, 10:00am

Indeed, AUK have certified a few approaches. Here is the "fast" option:

EDIT: new URL:
End to End - Brevet Randonneur :
1400km cycling event. The classic End-to-End done in an Audax style. Free route but the rider must get from tip to toe (or vice versa) of the UK in 4 days 20 hours and 40 minutes. Entrants must notify the organiser of their intention to ride at least 6 weeks before the proposed start date. Organiser can validate rides using .gpx track-logs.

I'm not sure that 6 weeks notice is cast in stone, but best to check with organizer.
(nicked from ... Itemid=134 , which also lists the less fast options.)

The same chap does a "lumpy" version, which is under similar rules but a more specific route. I think it goes thru Wales and some West Coast Scotland hilly bits - looks lovely :) EDIT:

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Re: Support vehicles and "rules".

Postby landsurfer » 9 Dec 2019, 12:48pm

Nickeveson wrote:I wholly agree with Landsurfer in that you do the Lejog or Jogle your way. I rode (and walked)it all, Landsurfer rode most of it. He completed his, I completed mine.
It was a pleasure wasnt going for any was whatever we wanted it to be.
Both Landsurfer and I started together and finished riding in together.....we BOTH did our Lejog.
Next year we will both set off together and finish together on our own we do it is totally our choice.
For potential End to Enders I give but one word of advice......Ride and enjoy you own Lejog or Jogle, it's yours to savour!

+1 Mr. Nick +1 ... :D .. enjoyed walking with you :D
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Re: Support vehicles and "rules".

Postby mnichols » 9 Dec 2019, 8:37pm

horizon wrote: I often wondered why there cannot be a more defined say, four day ride that needn't be a record

I've been toying with the idea of a 4 day LeJoG for a while. When I did the 5 day LeJoG it was on a 1,000 mile hilly route and afterwards I thought that 4 days on a direct route might be easier

In thinking about it I decided I wouldn't want to train for it because it wouldn't motivate me enough having done it 3 times

Instead it would have to be in the Autumn after doing something which did motivate me and get me fit enough. Then I would wait for a good weather window and favorable wind and just do it

Couple of years ago I did Canada to Mexico which was about 100 miles a day for a month. I was motivated to do the training for that and fit enough when I came back to give it a go.

No firm plans but maybe 1 day

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Re: Support vehicles and "rules".

Postby NATURAL ANKLING » 11 Dec 2019, 1:10am

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