Europcar Penzance lift to hotel.

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Re: Europcar Penzance lift to hotel.

Postby nun » 11 Jan 2020, 1:55am

PeterT wrote:One way van hire (2 persons) (Hertz or Thrifty?) next to Truro rail station. Train Truro to Penzance. Sat next to my bike on the train. Cycled Penzance stn to hotel. No need to box up your bike. Did it 2.5 years ago.

I've booked a Europcar for a couple of days to get me from LHR to my friend's house just outside London for the weekend and then, leaving early one morning, to Penzance by noon where I'll drop it off and just cycle out the the St Just youth hostel. I'll probably end up renting a car at the other end in Thurso so I can visit family in Yorkshire and Lancashire on the way back to London.