I've been thinking of LEJOG all wrong

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Re: I've been thinking of LEJOG all wrong

Postby PH » 10 Jan 2020, 9:55am

Vorpal wrote:Most people do not have that kind of time,

Most people don't have a month either! Which is why most do it in a couple of weeks, which the OP thinks they've got wrong.

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Re: I've been thinking of LEJOG all wrong

Postby nun » 10 Jan 2020, 2:08pm

Vorpal wrote:
PH wrote:
nun wrote:Thanks. The way I approach a tour is to keep the daily mileage flexible and let geography and places of interest dictate my schedule. I shoot for something between 50 and 80 miles so I can be finished riding by early afternoon and I can take time to sight see and get settled where ever I'm staying or pitch the tent. I'll be doing LEJOG in June and I've booked the first few nights in the SW...after that we'll see when I get there.

Just June? Doing the sort of touring you describe I wouldn't find a single month enough, if I ever do it again it'll be open ended and probably at least a 1,500 mile route with a bit of island hopping and a few days off the bike for tourism.
On my 11 day E2E I passed through many areas which I thought it'd be nice to go back and explore at a more leisurely pace. I think I've done most of those, and if I add those tours together with the less interesting bits in between, it couldn't be done in a month, more like three.

Most people do not have that kind of time, and folks in the US (the OP said they were flying from the US) get much less vacation time than in the UK.

I'm retired so I can take as much time as I want. I'm planning on 2 weeks ish to do LEJOG as that's 70 miles a day. I might well take a few days more and I've booked my flight back to allow for lots of slack in the schedule.