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Re: Looking for a route

Postby PH » 7 Mar 2020, 12:02am

IMO these are the big decisions
1) Which side of the Pennines - West into Wales, West staying in England, East.. by how much
2) Scotland south of Inverness - Rannoch moor, follow the lochs, Cairngorms
3) North of Inverness - coast or inland

There's no right answer to any of those, they all have pros and cons, but it isn't till you've decided them that a route will begin to take shape.
There's plenty of other factors that will help fine tune it. how much traffic you'll tolerate, if you want to avoid urban areas, how hilly you like, accommodation requirements, whether you want to ride it all or will consider ferries, what sort of bike you're using... probably loads more.
IMO too many people follow something close to the record route, I have no idea why, it has no advantage other than speed. There's nothing wrong with following someone else's route, just find someone with the same interests, abilities and objectives. But really, with all the online mapping available, you could easily plot something unique in an hour or so.

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Re: Looking for a route

Postby Jamesh » 8 Mar 2020, 9:24am

However if the ride it s only 7 days that is going to curtail the route massively.

Next time I might do it in a month and lejogle too!!

Cheers James

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Re: Looking for a route

Postby nickyboy » 8 Mar 2020, 2:09pm

I've got a thread running for our LEJOG in May. The daily routefiles are linked on there (it's 10.5 days in total)

Ours is 922miles but we are diverting East of Manchester from Cheshire as we live there. If you went through Warrington/Preston it would probably reduce to about 910miles. We also do the v hilly stretch from Newquay to Camelford that you could avoid too. Ours keeps off all the nasty roads