All of a sudden I'm doing a LEJOG

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Re: All of a sudden I'm doing a LEJOG

Postby Vorpal » 14 Aug 2020, 11:22am

Brianjeff50 wrote:
Just realised that the second set of footwear has to do a six hour drive to Penzance so not flip flops!
Spokes? Am I likely to break one on metalled roads?
I do wonder what the likelihood of needing a chain splitter is?
Wet wipes - why did I forget those!
I think I’ll be too knackered to do much reading after each day’s ride but a proper camera I’ll miss - mine is too bulky and I really can’t splash out on yet more gizmos.

The only time in my adult life that I have started a tour without any spare spokes is the only time I ever needed one :roll: They weight very little & can be taped to your rack & forgotten about.

As for the chain splitter, it's unlikely but something like road debris flipping up into a chain can break it, so I think a chain splitter & a couple of spare links are a good idea. I've never needed to use mine touring, but I carry it, anyway. I've only had to repair chains winter commuting (which is hard on chains).
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