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Re: LEJOG and le grub

Postby honesty » 7 Sep 2020, 12:19pm

When I cycled the Pennine Cycleway, I did it with full camping kit over a week. I generally ate the following:
8am Breakfast made in the camp site, porridge with raisins and coffee. Make a flask of coffee up for the ride.
10am stop at the nearest store and buy a meal deal and an extra cake, plus 2 pastries and an orange juice which I'd then eat for second breakfast.
Eat meal deal at lunch
Snack of extra cake and coffee from flask or if there was a nearly cafe stop for a slice of cake and a nice coffee.
Stop at a shop in the afternoon and buy something like fresh stuffed pasta for tea, milk for the evening cuppa and enough the morning and maybe something sweet to nibble on in the evenings.

Last time I B&B toured I did breakfast in the B&B (cereal, followed by full English, followed by as much coffee as I could drink), middle of the day the same as above (but get the nice B&B owner to make up decent coffee to go into the flask!) and pub or something for dinner. Worked well enough for me.

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Re: LEJOG and le grub

Postby landsurfer » 7 Sep 2020, 5:05pm

we did around 60 - 80 miles a day .... ate as we felt hungry, which was most of the time after 50 miles .... pub and pints in the evening ..?
mmm nice thought..
We had one 60th birthday on route and including the last night at the hotel at JOG we where all in bed / tent / camper for 9 every night ...

I lost 2 kg on the whole trip .....

As Honesty mentioned the garage / Aldi Meal Deal becomes a high protein and carb staple .... and it's good food if careful....

The sight of 7 sweaty, very mature men in lycra, having a picnic on the garage forecourt mid afternoon, probably blighted a few drivers lives ...
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Re: LEJOG and le grub

Postby andrewwillans49 » 7 Sep 2020, 7:21pm

The last sentence in the post above mentions 7 sweaty men eating on a garage forecourt.
Reminds me of being 300 km into a 400km audax and arriving at a petrol station at Barton Mills, Suffolk. It was midnight, cold and pitch black, half a dozen sweaty cyclists dozing on the grass verge. I bought provisions. FThe filled sandwiches and bottles of water were a godsend. Up to that point I'd eaten 6 bananas, consumed possibly ten gels, my own cheese and pickle sandwiches. I felt fine but was very hungry. As a treat, I bought a king sized Snickers bar and a bottle of lucozade as bonk rations. Got back to Manningtree Essex at 6am. Drank a litre of home bottled water and drove home. When I unpacked I realised I'd forgotten about the bonk rations. Wolfed the Snickers and set the Lucozade to one side. Never did drink it.
Eat little and often, drink plenty of water and don't over think things. Good luck