North from Nantwich

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Re: North from Nantwich

Postby Paulatic » 27 Aug 2020, 7:12pm

Jamesh wrote:How about going up the Wirral and taking the mersey ferry?

Missed all the high risk cities and your soon back on the A6 towards Lancaster.

Cheers James

If I did it again I’d seriously look at this option. There’s some easy cycling to be had from Liverpool to Preston.
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Re: North from Nantwich

Postby cycleruk » 27 Aug 2020, 7:28pm

Paulatic wrote:
cycleruk wrote:
I've no idea either as it is one of the routes I was involved with organising. :roll:

We loyally followed it, as it was also a signed cycle route, only to end up further down the road :(
Most memorable was the next roundabout which was very busy with lots of things to look out for. We missed any signage took What we thought was our exit and quickly realised we were going the wrong way up an entry to the Rbt :lol:

Probably RWGPS following the "cycle route".
I spent many an hour going over the routes knowing that RWGPS has a penchant for cycle paths and towpaths etc.
Most of them I re-routed back to a more practical/suitable road.
This one obviously got through. :oops:
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