Post Lejog

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Post Lejog

Postby bluelagos » 21 Sep 2020, 6:24am

2 more days and clearly will be much stronger in the legs now than 2 weeks ago...

So question for those who have done it, best way to retain some of that strength given I'll soon be back in flat suffolk/essex? And am a bit of a fair weather cyclist and winter is coming.

The idea of shelling out a fortune for peleton orr whatever its called does not appeal.

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Re: Post Lejog

Postby Jdsk » 21 Sep 2020, 7:52am

Would riding with someone else encourage you to keep it up?

How about planning the next long trip to remind yourself why you want to be fit?

And on the fair weather front... I'd much rather walk than cycle in bad weather. If you're the same then keep the walking gear ready and have a route in mind so you still get some exercise.


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Re: Post Lejog

Postby Paulatic » 21 Sep 2020, 8:37am

To keep that fitness and well being you could cycle home from JoG. I wanted too :D
If you’re anything like me all the best intentions you have will slowly fade away and within months you’ll be 'normal' again. :lol: Just get as many fair weather rides in as you can, before winter sets in, and enjoy that cycling is easy feeling. :wink:
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Re: Post Lejog

Postby Brianjeff50 » 22 Sep 2020, 6:08pm

I’ve got the ‘fifth day’ blues! Five days since I finished - the family bored of my photos and tales and a hum-drum winter looming.
What can I do now I’m already googling: coast to coast, furthest east to furthest west. Just thinking about it will keep me going for a while!

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Re: Post Lejog

Postby Jamesh » 23 Sep 2020, 7:28pm

I'd suggest riding 50miles SW into the next strong headwind!!

The Dutch don't seem to be harmed by it!!

Cheers James