Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

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Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

Postby mattraisin » 27 Mar 2010, 7:10am

Why do I have a pottentially brilliant tool for cycling with such a rubbish battery life. There are many tools for navigation (Google Maps, TomTom) and recording (MotionX, Cyclemeter) that it would make the perfect companion if it didn't last just 4 -6 hours while using GPS. Anyone know of any decent AA battery (or any other disposable batteries) powered phone chargers that could solve this problem as I will be camping most nights so have no mains! I have the potential for an all in one solution if it wasn't for the lack of decent running time. Also anyone know of any decent and very, very secure iPhone handlebar mounts otherwise I might be stuck with a wrist strap or just a pocket. Thanks for your help in advance.
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Re: Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

Postby amaferanga » 27 Mar 2010, 9:53am

How do you plan to mount it to your bars and what if it rains?

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Re: Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

Postby DougieB » 27 Mar 2010, 10:37am

I use a power monkey explorer solar charger for my iphone when away. it comes with a battery unit, which can hold a couple of iphone charges.

you also have to remember that as the iphone moves out of 3G reception (most of the UK has no/poor 3G) it will constantly re-try connecting to the 3G network. This will shorten battery life considerably. Switching 3G off while you're on the bike will help.

using the gps constantly is another way to greatly reduce the battery life. iPhone's are meant to be kept in the pocket and used for a few seconds, then back in the pocket. That's what they are great at. But the battery is not designed for 'always on', so you'll be charging regularly.


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Re: Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

Postby rbrian » 27 Mar 2010, 8:10pm

I was wondering the exact same thing, and a bit of Googling found these, which look just the thing: ... unt-iphone

They're brand new, so no reviews as yet, but when my iPhone arrives, I'll probably get them - the Reecharge can be connected to the hub dynamo on my 2nd Brompton. Fudge Cycles has the mount but not the charger.
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Re: Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

Postby Blencathra » 7 Apr 2010, 1:40pm

Touratech do a well engineered (some may say over engineered) iPhone mount for off road motorbikes and bicycles.

I would give that a serious look.

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Re: Using an iPhone on a JOGLE

Postby mw3230 » 7 Apr 2010, 2:40pm

Has any Iphone user tried the extra battery packs/charging devices that are available on Amazon and other places?

Seems to me that you have to charge the pack and then when the Iphone internal battery is flat, connect the pack and the power flows from that to re-charge the internal battery. I'd be interested in a comparison between this and the solar type of charger such as Power Monkey or Power Gorilla if anyone has experience of them.
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