Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

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Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby Geofff » 5 May 2010, 10:01pm

I have been wondering about using the B873 / 871 from Altnaharra to Bettyhill rather than the A836 to Tongue and then on to Bettyhill on the grounds that it will be quieter. Has anyone else used this road? I have a road atlas rather than OS map so no real idea of gradients.
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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby Big T » 5 May 2010, 10:36pm

We road from Bettyhill to Altnaharra using the Strathnaver valley road last year. It's only single track, but there's hardly any traffic on it. Just a few tourists doing the Strathnaver trail and one or two locals. I think 5 cars passed us in an hour. The scenery is breathtaking and it's more or less flat until you get to Bettyhill itself, as the road runs alongside the river for most of its length.
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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby Gearoidmuar » 6 May 2010, 6:47am

I haven't done it, but was in Tongue last year in lovely weather and if you've not seen it, I would recommend that you do. I thought it really really spectacular.

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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby mw3230 » 6 May 2010, 7:13am

I don't think there's such a thing as a busy route in that area. The rush hour comprises three cars and a tractor instead of just the tractor! You'll probably see more bikes than motor vehicles
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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby peterm » 6 May 2010, 11:37am

Altnaharra to Bettyhill is absolutely brilliant. Flat and with tremendous scenery. Photos of this route can be seen on my blog as I cycled up it on my own two years ago and then back down it with my wife a week later on the way back to Cornwall.. Have cycled this valley 3 times on end to end trips and love it. Stop at the Crask Inn if you can.If you do go to Tongue stay at the Youth Hostel which is brilliant-I stayed there last year when cycling coast of Britain-photos again on website.

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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby enigmatic » 8 May 2010, 11:26pm

Both routes are excellent and you'll see hardly a car on either until you get to the coast road (maybe an odd tractor or animal!). As others have indicated, the Strathnaver valley is a wonderful road and an experience you won't forget if the weather is good. Just remember those poor unfortunates who were driven away during the highland clearances.

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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby PW » 9 May 2010, 11:43am

Even the coast road traffic is minimal. The coast section is hilly west of Strathy, from there to JOG is more or less dead flat.
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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby alans » 9 May 2010, 5:35pm

I reckon the Strathnaver valley is in the top three routes I have ever ridden & certainly a highlight of my E2E.

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Re: Route Advice Tongue / Bettyhill area

Postby boink » 10 May 2010, 8:33pm

Yeah, go to Tongue. Great Hostel but beware of rip off pubs. We paid over a tenner for a ropey cod and a few big chips! The climb up Bettyhill is a nice last challenge to face on LEJOG in my opinion and riding along the coast generally is great.