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jogle start date

Postby albal1 » 31 Aug 2011, 7:20pm

Hi guys, My 1st end to end will commence weds 14 sept from JOG, am teaming up with 2 other guys 1 i've known a long time and his friend. I have a few questions;
1. To re assemble bike i need tools, yes no prob, but do i need them for the trip? i am thinking find some old tools then ditch when bike mobile.

2.Planning on twin panniers only. Do i need a handlebar bag??

3. As most will be camping, towels are my prob, a wet towel wont dry in a pannier. and are travel towels worth buying?

Will be attempting to raise funds for;

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And here's to a great journey....

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Re: jogle start date

Postby ferrit worrier » 31 Aug 2011, 9:02pm

Welcome to the forum

Why do you need to dismantle the bike? why not see what you all need re tools and share the load.

handlebar bags are usfull for the little bits you need during the ride, snack bars,choccolate, camera, maps, bike lock, sandwiches, fruit, Malt loaf, kitchen sink, BTW Malt loafs I find are much better than bananas as they dont go all squdgy in the bottom of the bag etc

Decathlon are doing a camping type towel I used one similar but ex forces, brilliant, folds up really small and dries quick over night, didn't mind being put away slightly damp either. I think they are about £6.00

what's your route?

Have a great ride

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Re: jogle start date

Postby albal1 » 4 Oct 2011, 9:34pm

Well the trip went well and was completed in 16 days total miles 954.5. Not so good weather in North scotland but by Bristol we were in summer attire!! cracked open bottle of morrisons champagne purchased in Penzance in the sunset at LE. Fabulous end to a wonderful trip which i would be priviliged to ride a 2nd time. :D