Flying back from Orkney (posting bike)

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Flying back from Orkney (posting bike)

Postby Mike777 » 18 Dec 2011, 1:11pm

Hi all

It has been suggested that I could fly back from Orkney (Live in Oxfordshire) following my LEJOG trip in May 2012.

I am told it may be possible for the local bike shop in Kirkwall to package up a bike and that post it back.

Has anyone ever done this from Orkney as it could be an intetesting way to end my trip !

Many thanks for your time


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Re: Flying back from Orkneys (posting bike)

Postby tuftyrowlands » 20 Dec 2011, 5:43pm

We did LEJOG in July August this year and whilst we didn't fly back from the Orkneys, we did from Inverness.

Booked Easyjet before Christmas the year before (2010) and flew back for £22 to Bristol. The bikes were packed up in Thurso bike shop. We called them well before we set off on the trip to be sure that they reserved some boxes for us - they were extremely helpful and knowledgeable too.

In a nutshell, they charged £15 for the box and guidance on packing the bike along with helmets etc and anything else we could get in the box. Posted them for £37. Got the train to Inverbess for £17 and stayed in the YHA there. Then bus to the airport for £3.40. All this was all in walking distance as well so it was a good and cheap way to come back. ie You can walk to the train station at Thurso easily and at Inverness its a 15 minute walk from the station to the YHA. The bus actually goes past the end of the road that the YHA was in. The bikes turned up about 4 days later with Parcel Force.

So if you can fly from the Orkneys with Easyjet - definitely a good idea I would say! Good luck!

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Re: Flying back from Orkneys (posting bike)

Postby Temesvar » 12 Jan 2012, 10:26am

Yes, I did that, it worked pretty well.

I took the ferry from Gills to Orkney, stayed overnight in Kirkwall and flew back the next day with Flybe. I took my bike on the plane as booked luggage, I think it cost about £40 or so. I had to pack the bike up (front wheel off, handlebars turned straight, tyres deflated etc) in a big plastic bag which you can get from Wiggle or CTC for about £6.

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Re: Flying back from Orkneys (posting bike)

Postby Ron » 15 Jan 2012, 12:05am

Mike777 wrote: the Orkneys

There's only one Orkney, the plural hurts the ears of many locals. :)