Tyre Choice.......

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Tyre Choice.......

Postby AaronR » 3 Aug 2014, 7:45pm

Heres one that should divide the forum......

26" rims, and looking at larger volume/width so 2.0" for a smoother ride

I know many people slate them for being 'dead' to ride, but I've used Marathon Plus in 700*25 before for thousands of puncture free miles so I have a shortlist of two, Marathon Plus, or Marathon Tour Plus as my yet to be confirmed JOGLE route may take in a few trails or less than perfect tarmac

I've used a pair of Specialized Nimbus Armadillo on a previous bike until they wore down to canvas, but they are really only aimed at tarmac

Is there another tyre I should be considering?

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Re: Tyre Choice.......

Postby Si » 3 Aug 2014, 8:03pm

I have M+ on my tourer. Very reliable but not at all quick, and not as comfortable as some others either.
For a 26x2 I'd look at something like the Big Apple - I swapped the Marathons (standard not 'plus') on my bent for these and the comfort increased a lot, plus I think that they were quicker too.

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Re: Tyre Choice.......

Postby Bicycler » 3 Aug 2014, 9:04pm

I found the M+ to be overkill unless absolutely never having punctures is the sole priority. I much preferred the standard Marathons and Mondials (a bit more heavily treaded for more mixed terrain). These are still very long lasting and puncture resistant tyres. As a mixed terrain tyre I cannot recommend the Schwalbe Landcruiser enough - cheap as chips, decent durability and puncture resistance, good on tracks and roll pretty well on the road. All those are available in your required size.

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Re: Tyre Choice.......

Postby JohnWL » 16 Aug 2014, 6:31pm

I agree re M+ being overkill. I fitted them for my LEJOG and on the plus side they just don't seem to wear - now after 1,400 miles. No punctures and they coped well with the canal and other tracks I was on.

But they are a stodgy ride, very heavy and slow.


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Re: Tyre Choice.......

Postby AaronR » 16 Aug 2014, 7:09pm

After careful consideration I've splashed out £11.50 for a used pair of M+ in 26*1.75", part worn, compared to the pair that were on my last bike when I sold it they've done +/-1000 miles and I've got nine and a bit months of daily commuting (so about 70-100 miles per week) to go before my JOGLE trip in May, so it gives me a chance to see how they perform without breaking the bank - got a family holiday to Snowdonia next week after which I'll swap them over