New record for LEJOG - on a trike

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Garry Booth
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New record for LEJOG - on a trike

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Jane Moore, from Witham, completed the 849 mile feat in three days, 16 hours, 45 minutes and 21 seconds – including stops to sleep and eat.

The feat, as the first woman to ride the route on a trike, has been verified by the Road Records Association.

Jane, a former gymnast who had her legs re-built 20 years ago after a serious injury, said she could not have completed the challenge without the aid of her support crew and organiser Mark Brooking, from Willesden Cycling Club.

The former ultra-marathon runner who took up cycling in 2000, said: “I got to Scotland in under 46 hours, and when it was first suggested to me I could get that far in less than two days I thought they were off their heads.

“We had quite a lot of torrential rain and it was really quite cold, despite it being August.

“But people were brilliant, and through towns people would come out to marshall me so I didn’t get lost. It was good to have people as it was a very lonely ride, with the support car having to be 100 yards behind me and not being allowed to ride with anyone else.
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Re: New record for LEJOG - on a trike

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What a brilliant feat! Well done indeed!
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Re: New record for LEJOG - on a trike

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See also new record thread posted when Jane completed the ride :D
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