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9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 25 Oct 2014, 8:58am
by richard21172
Hi all, looking to do a JOGLE next summer and would very much appreciate feedback on my proposed route. Many thanks in advance to any one that contributes. :D

Day 1 John o'groats to Muir of Ord 185.02km

Day 2 Muir of Ord to Crianlarich 189.06Km

Day 3 Crianlarich to Thornhill 186.49Km

Day 4 Thornhill to Kendal 152.33Km

Day 5 Kendal to Weaverham (Northwich) 141.48km

Day 6 Weaverham (Northwich) to Hereford 153.63km

Day 7 Hereford to Bridgwater 142.79km

Day 8 Bridgewater to launceston 140.76km

Day 9 Launceston to Lands End 143.2km

Total 1434.76km

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 25 Oct 2014, 9:24am
by Mick F
Day 8 and Day 9.

Day 8 is ok, and I've cycled that way before. Exeter city centre is a bit mad, but it's ok really. Old A30 out of Exeter to Okehampton is fine, and I see you've taken the longer way out of Okehampton following the A386 a way. Better to do it like this:
Screen shot 2014-10-25 at 09.08.43.png
By doing it this way, you don't have to climb so far out of Okehampton. Head out of Okehampton on the Old A30, keep going, go past Betty Cottles Inn, and past the farm on the right, then take the FIRST turning on the right. This is another bit of the Old A30. It goes up a little hill and you turn left at the top onto the A386 to resume your original course. This way is easier and quieter.

Day 9 you're taking the road out of Launceston and if you zoom in to the town, you'll see you're going through Pennygillam Industrial Estate. I'm not sure you can get through, no matter what the maps tell you. Also, you're going on the A30 dual carriageway albeit only a short way, but it's a "motorway" there - believe me and best avoided.

I see you're going over Davidstow Airfield. Excellent choice for interest sake as it's the highest airfield in UK and still in use by light aircraft. It's a tad over 1,000ft up there.

Unless you specifically want to do the airfield, I would suggest you do this route:
Screen shot 2014-10-25 at 09.19.51.png
Take the road from Launceston town up round the back to St Stephens, then out via Egloskerry to Tresmeer, then Hallworthy and out to the A39 for Camelford.

Also, the best way to get out to St Stephens from the old A30 is to bypass much of Launceston by this route:
Screen shot 2014-10-25 at 09.23.06.png
Hope all this helps! :D

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 25 Oct 2014, 9:40am
by richard21172
This is great stuff and exactly the feedback I need. Cheers mate :D

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 25 Oct 2014, 10:18am
by Mick F
Pleased to be of service!

Some folk have suggested I write a book about the routes, but TBH I only know the "best way", not necessarily the best way for individuals. Some folk want quiet lanes and off-road routes, and I have real knowledge of them, preferring the efficiency of roads.

Nine days End2End is a fast pace as I'm sure you can appreciate. Circa 900 miles in 9 days is 100 miles a day - every day. I'd do it in 11days if I were you, and that way you can vary the daily distance a bit. Eleven days is circa 82 miles a day. I did it both ways in 2006, and did it in 23 days. It should have been 22days, but on the second leg I was knackered so added another day by dividing one long day into two short ones. :oops:

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 1:18pm
by thebedfordfox
I did LEJOG in 11 days in August, and found it manageable, although I was 45 then and am still carrying a few pounds I wouldn't mind getting shot of.
I've done Mick's route out of Cornwall and Devon three times, and it works very well. Both counties are hilly - Cornwall more short, sharp shock, Devon more drawn out - so there's no easy way of doing it, but it's not too bad.
How many of you are doing the trip, and is it possible to plan your stays on an 'ad hoc' basis?
When I did LEJOG, I booked Launceston (first night) and Brora (last night). Everything in between, I booked on the day. Once I got out of Bristol, the terrain was pretty flat, so I was able to do a decent shift in the morning and then decide on an overnight stay during the early part of the afternoon.
I'd stop for some food and look on my phone for accommodation in my chosen town. Then I'd make a couple of calls, book a room, and continue my journey.
During those days when you feel you are 'flying' - usually fuelled by jelly babies or fizzy mix sweets from a petrol station - it's a good idea to 'steal' a few extra miles, so flexibility is a definite asset. Later in the trip, you can do, say, 70 miles instead of 90, because you've already got the extra miles banked in credit.

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 8:50pm
by bogmyrtle
Day 4 leaving Dumfries, your proposed route involves a right turn over very fast dual carriageway. It is a local accident blackspot. Stay off the A75 by taking either the B725 (Glencaple road) or the Bankend road (shorter) then stay on the B725 to Annan.

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 9:31pm
by RickH
Day 7 - is there any particular reason for your excursion along the Avon & then away from the river out & back through Stoke Bishop?

If you don't particularly need to go there, an alternative is to pick up the cycletrack across the M5 bridge & then head across via Failand to pick up your current route at Flax Bourton. It would be a couple of miles shorter but, apart from a brief meander through a housing estate as you come off the south end of the bridge, reasonably straightforward.


Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 10:05pm
by richard21172
Great stuff guys many thanks

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 8:38am
by JohnWL
For km 50 - 66 from just outside Carlisle I would not go on the A6 but I went on an unclassified road just to the W of the M6. It is vv quiet, straight and less hilly than the A6. I think it was once the main road form Penrith to Carlisle before the A6.

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 1:53pm
by richard21172
Since my original post I have found the following route and as it copies the 'Ride across Britain' route can I assume its tried and tested with no issues ? Or should I be looking to amend it ?


Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 3:41pm
by Mick F
Day 8
Missed out Rob's Passage! viewtopic.php?f=22&t=29204
Search the site for more, there's tons about it. :D
If you follow the main road Tiverton/Crediton, there are awful hills to climb especially Bickleigh Hill. Be warned.

Day 9
Seems ok, but hard work. I've done all those roads many many times.

Honestly, the easiest way is ...........
Okehampton to Launceston on the Old A9, then round the back of the town to St Stephens, then via Egloskerry and Tresmeer to Hallworthy. Follow the A395 to the A39 and turn south via Camelford and Wadebridge town centres.
From there go down the A39 some more, and go through St Columb, then cut through quiet lanes to St Newlyn East and Zelah and onto the A30 to Three Burrows roundabout.
Take the Old A30 through Blackwater, Scorrier, Redruth, Camborne, Connor Downs and Hayle town centre.
Then back onto the A30 for Penzance town centre, then A30 to LE.

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 8:09pm
by richard21172
Thanks Mick, one question is where is the old A9? Looked on the maps and I can't see for looking :-/

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 9:00pm
by Mick F
Old A9?
That is a whole new subject.

The Old A9 (heading north) came out of Perth to Bankfoot then Dunkeld, Ballinluig, Pitlochry, Killiecrankie, Blair Atholl, Calvine, Drumochter, Dalwhinnie, Crubenmore, Newtonmore, Kingussie, Kincraig, Aviemore, Carrbridge, Slochd, Tomatin, Moy, Daviot, Inverness, Beauly, Muir of Ord, Dingwall, Evanton, Invergordon, Tain, Bonar Bridge, Golspie, Helmsdale and Latheron.

From there, the Old A9 went up via Wick to JOG.

Later, the Old A9 was re-designated and went up to Thurso instead (it used to be the A895 from Latheron) and now the A99 goes from Latheron to JOG.

The Old A9 still exists in many parts. You have to look at the maps and pick out the places, but much of the remote stretches of the Old A9 are now tracks and cycle tracks.

My knowledge of these tracks is a bit old now, but you can bet your bottom dollar that If I were to ride that way again, I'd go that way. I've done JOGLE in 1994, LEJOG and Back in 2006, JOGLE in 2010 and also a Grand Tour up there in 2008 and each time followed the Old A9.

Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 10:48pm
by LollyKat
Mick F wrote:Honestly, the easiest way is ...........
Okehampton to Launceston on the Old A9...


Re: 9 Day JOGLE - 2015

Posted: 28 Oct 2014, 10:05am
by Mick F
oooopppppsss! :oops: :oops: :oops:
I meant the Old A30!

Sorry about that.
Slip of the brain.