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Re: Squeeky Brooks Saddle

Postby Vinko » 30 Jan 2015, 3:53pm

simonineaston wrote:I am sympathetic to your sensitivity to that blooming squeak... all 3 of my current rides have leather saddles and only one out of three does the squeak thing. :roll: It's the Brompton, which has a special clamp for the seat post, which involves lots of brass washers, although you can't see 'em in this picture.
I've never been able to nail the squeak, and I've used every tactic I can think of, including: tightening up the clamp as far as I dare, loosening it off a bit, spraying it with WD40, 3 in 1, talcum powder, using lots of grease/no grease, (not all at the same time, you'll understand!) and so on and so forth. The squeak always goes away for a few days and then, inevitably, returns. Personally I think it's got something to do with the fact that the seat post is titanium, but its still bloomin' annoying, nevertheless!

Interesting that you have this problem with the special Brompton clip. I stuck a B17 on my Brommie, but just couldn't run to the price of the special clip, so I used a standard cheapo one from off the LBS shelf for £2.99. I also only have the standard steel not titanium seat post. This has worked a treat and no problems at all, certainly not a squeek in over a years use. I must admit it doesn't look as nice and I had thought about treating myself to one of these.