Ladies bike hire - New Zealand

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Ladies bike hire - New Zealand

Postby chriskurton » 10 Jun 2017, 11:49am

We want to do a cycle tour in New Zealand but the prospect of getting our bikes to the airport in the UK fills us with dread as well as flying with them.
We were looking at hiring bikes in NZ but cannot seem to find anyone that hires women sized bikes. If you are 5'2" you don't want a mans frame as the reach is all wrong, not to mention crank length or stand over height.
We want to do a reasonable length tour and would need bikes with appropriate gearing!
Has anyone got any suggestions?

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Re: Ladies bike hire - New Zealand

Postby Vorpal » 15 Jun 2017, 8:38am

You could try
They have 26" wheeled Surly LHTs, implying that they have them in the smaller sizes.

I had a bike from them once for a day ride. they seemed fine, but I didn't require any special services, or anything.
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Re: Ladies bike hire - New Zealand

Postby Annoying Twit » 7 Nov 2017, 7:55pm

Reply deleted as the OP was months ago. Unless the OP plans their trips as far ahead as I do, this will be water under the bridge.

Just for future reference for anyone looking for similar, I'd recommend contacting T White's Bikes to see if some deal can be worked out. From my experience of them, I would think it not impossible that they may build someone something out of the parts bin. They respond on Facebook too.