P-38 build

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Re: P-38 build

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UpWrong wrote: 17 Jul 2021, 8:45pm Nobrakes, that's an interesting analysis of the effect of a couple of kilos of weight. I think I said up-thread that my hope with the P-38 is that I'll be able to climb better with it than on my existing 'bents.

I've finished building the front wheel: Deore hub, CR18 rim, 32 spokes, PG, 2x, weight 800g without QR. I was surprised that it's 340g lighter than the rear wheel even with a heavier hub, rim construction and spoke construction.
No cassette, much smaller rim and tyres etc. Cassette alone is 300-400g of a rear wheel
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Re: P-38 build

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It just dawned on me that most of the difference between the weight of the rear wheel and the front wheel is the freehub. Also a 622 mm rim is about 50% longer than a 406 mm rim, so I really should not have been surprised. I have yet to install a cassette.

I'm currently trying to clear an area inside the house so I can put the bike together. It's a bit difficult when much of the junk inside the house is not mine :roll:
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Re: P-38 build

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You need to buy a gazebo and build it in the garden
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