Gearing question for recumbents.

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Re: Gearing question for recumbents.

Postby jayjay » 19 Mar 2018, 10:29pm

Fan of using the largest sprockets here, mindful of reduced chain and sprocket wear. Similar ratios are undoubtedly available on my other chainrings but I can't see good reason to use smaller combinations for the same job. Moving the chainring (and handy range of ratios) down is my technique for load hauling and hilly terrain.
I might've missed it, but I hope Tangled Metal has found the right boom length and adapted the chain to it by now.
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Re: Gearing question for recumbents.

Postby Tangled Metal » 20 Mar 2018, 8:47am

Yes, got it right enough to be comfortable. I suspect it could be a bit longer but as it is the bike shop sorted the gearing, boom length without changing the chains. Don't know how but the gears work smoothly across all gears and I'm happy riding with the boom length.

I think I'll ride it like that for a bit longer then get the local travelling bike mechanic to replace the chain and lengthen it ask a bit more. Perhaps change the cassette too. Sometime before our summer tour. Right now it's good enough for me to get used to the recumbent. Plus I'll try a bit of load on the back too.

I need to work out the suspension pre-loading aspect as I'll probably need to adjust when touring load is put on it. It's all a learning process I guess.

Plus my next priorities are car carrying system (needed for Easter) and load carrying solution (needed for summer but preferably in the slightly warmer spring).

I read yesterday on HPV website that fork mounted roof carriers aren't recommended. Something about putting undue stresses on the dropouts or forks or frame or something. That was going to be my solution, a £68 fork mounted carrier. I can't see why it would be any different than an upright being carried that way, but do I really want to go against the bike designer's recommendations?

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Re: Gearing question for recumbents.

Postby Tilley » 10 Jul 2018, 10:08pm

Having installed a csrk3 SA hub I can confirm what XAP Bob has suggested. I run a 22,32,44 chain set and 11-26 Cassette which run with the SA 2nd gear ie 1:1 ratio is good for 75% of the time. When I need those really low gear I select the SA ist gear and it reduces the whole range by 25%, if I want that extra speed on the downhill I select the 3rd gear on the SA and it increases the whole range by 33% thereby giving me the equivalent of a 35 -8.5 cassette but with 75 gear options with no sharp steps in gearing ensuring that spinning can be maintained. The added bonus is that should you chose the wrong gear selection using the derailleur you can generally shift down using the SA hub and continue moving, especially as the SA gears can be shifted whilst stationary.