RANS Stratus XP Update

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RANS Stratus XP Update

Postby UpWrong » 4 Mar 2018, 2:29pm

Getting this ready for summer and the Isle of Wight Randonee. I switched the tyres to Panaracer Pasela PT and am very very impressed. Previously had a 28mm Durano on the front and a 35mm Kojak (both folding) on the rear. The 32mm Paselas feel quicker and more comfortable. Just wish Panaracer made them in 406 size for my other bents. And I've added the Topeak RX bag which I bought used here, the one with fold out side pockets.

Photos here: https://1drv.ms/a/s!AmuVLk0nWAz9gaF3aiplzOLCIq2thw

But the main change has been to install the Bacchetta B-pivot folding stem so that I can fold the handlebars easily and put the bike into my medium sized hatchback. I hesitated to do this because I had to cut the steerer down, remove the RANS headset adjuster and install a star nut, but it works well. I left room for one spacer under the B-pivot so that other stems could be fitted later if the B-pivot develops problems. Having cut the steerer though I can't go back to a straight riser setup.

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Re: RANS Stratus XP Update

Postby hercule » 4 Mar 2018, 3:30pm

I have Paselas on 3 bikes and have used them for years - quiet, fast, comfortable and reasonably fairy repellant. I did have the 26x1.75” ones on the tandem but an Experience suggested something a bit tougher would be better!