Recumbent questions

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Re: Recumbent questions

Postby PDQ Mobile » 19 Apr 2018, 11:38am

Tangled Metal wrote:Yes, I asked him but no joy there.

The thing with backwards compatibility it isn't about that but about aftermarket support. Designing an update then not supporting aftermarket? How much to get a batch of old design racks made? Or to design new racks to fit old? ICE make it a positive with their designs and they're not having difficulty in moving forward with designs.

What about rear racks? Are they much different between GT and GTe? To my inexperienced eye they look very similar.

I just don't think it's good customer service to ignore owners of older designs completely. I work for an automotive components manufacturer. We get oem work which lasts x number of years. Then we often have to keep the abilities to produce them for another 10 years after full series production ends. It's in the contract. It's why we're still making the odd run of 50 parts. They'll last best part of a year once made up into the finished part by our customer. I don't see it's an issue to hold a stock. I bet they can get a batch made up cheap enough (could charge end users more obviously for old model parts) and store. A years supply for example would probably not be that much in quantity and cost I bet.

I have a front rack for an older SMGT.
I can send you a picture with dimensions, if you like?
Then maybe someone in your branch of things could make something simple and strong to fit?
It's not super complicated for a trained welder/bender.
Steel would do maybe?

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Re: Recumbent questions

Postby Tangled Metal » 19 Apr 2018, 12:18pm

Thank you for that. I'll have to think about who can do that here. I just worry that it'll come back made out of mandrel bent 50.8mm mild steel pipe.

You'd be shocked to see what the welders here make out of scrap. Anything from hats to works of "art". They often get into trouble (or would of we didn't get rid of it before the directors saw them).

Still got plenty of mild steel, stainless steel and aluminised steel pipe on site. Speak to the right people and you'll find reject pipe with the right length and diameter for your needs put in the skip for you to salvage. Then it's off to a welder to make it up on overtime or nights (bosses not in) once they've made their count on the parts (aka doss time). I'm sure most places have an undercurrent of dodgy stuff going on in the dark hours when bosses aren't about. It's not just my place, is it? :shock:

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Re: Recumbent questions

Postby Cunobelin » 19 Apr 2018, 8:16pm

fossala wrote:
hercule wrote:As well as the obvious drivetrain, brake and seating components you could easily upgrade your QNT to rear suspension, full suspension, or a 26” rear wheel if you wanted - all the frame parts are compatible. My QNT is now a mini velomobile with front fairing and full suspension.

Hello, mine is the 26" rear version, by 2008 (when mine was made) the 20" ones had suspension but the 26" didn't as far as I can tell. The ride isn't bad at all, climbs well and the although is a little bumpy descending on poor roads it isn't uncomfortable. Here's a pic (taken from the advert).

I had a 1994 Trice, an original Peter Ross that I eventually donated to a Cycle Charity

When I looked for a replacement, the only current 26" rear was the newly launched Catrike Expedition

Having said that it has since been joined by a pair of HPV Gekko and a Kettwiesel that are both 406 all round

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Re: Recumbent questions

Postby fossala » 23 Apr 2018, 6:39pm

To reply to my original question about speed, it takes me around the same amount of time as a Touring bike, 40mins for 10miles with 1200ft climbing. I plan on getting a bit quicker when my legs adapt as I slow down mainly because of lactic acid build up on some of the longer climbs. Saying that though, it's quick enough and way more comfortable and am looking into a fairing for the winter although the one I have my eye on is €600.