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Postby davyboy » 25 Apr 2018, 10:35am

Hi does anybody know what I can clean my fairing with?.

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Re: Fairing

Postby firedfromthecircus » 25 Apr 2018, 11:11am

Windolene? :lol:

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Re: Fairing

Postby gnvqsos » 3 May 2018, 10:38pm

I have been told that farting can be cleared by modifying the diet.You could keep a daily dairy and record what you are at each meal.Also consume more water and less alcohol.

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Re: Fairing

Postby hoarder » 4 May 2018, 9:41am

Should've gone to Specsavers.......https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDwK_AUk0FI

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Re: Fairing

Postby PDQ Mobile » 4 May 2018, 10:17am

You can buy a plastic window cleaning product from a caravan shop.
It's a superfine abrasive paste that with some patience will remove most scratches.
Works well.

Otherwise for general dirt just washing up liquid and water.

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Re: Fairing

Postby Cunobelin » 4 May 2018, 6:05pm

I use a standard windscreen cleaner

Works on ZZipper, Streamer and Windwrap/Terracycle versions